Trends to know on Twitter

Many different communities exist in the online world, and social media hosts all of these communities and their conversations. Twitter stands out as one of the biggest social media platforms where conversations are concerned. There are massive communities on Twitter, and the platform is very popular with over 300 million monthly users. On Twitter, there are so many trends happening, and if you are using the app, it is important to know what is going on. It can be difficult to grow your following on Twitter, but one easier way to do that is to buy Twitter followers via growth services like Twesocial. This can help you attract real followers naturally, and they do everything for you to concentrate on other aspects of your marketing strategy. 

Trends to know on Twitter

The other way to grow your account effectively is to hop onto trends. If you are trying to navigate Twitter, here are some trends to know. 


It might get tense sometimes, but Twitter is a fun platform that places a lot of importance on humour. It introduces memes that are typically an image, piece of text, or a video that is funny by nature and spreads rapidly across the internet by users. People love memes because they are funny and can be attached to any form of content. People often attach themselves to memes and use them as a means of expression in many instances, with people opting to respond to tweets with memes rather than words. Memes are humorous and relatable, so they attract people and apart from that, they are fun to use, and many people use them. 

Educational visuals 

Infographics are information or data in a graphic visual representation. The purpose of infographics is to present information to people very clearly and quickly, and they allow humans to identify patterns and trends. Infographics have 2 basic functions: interactive and static. Static infographics are made from templates and are a simple way to get started with infographics. On the other hand, interactive infographics are more complex concerning the design and programming, and they are more engaging and dynamic to the audience that you want to target. With interactive infographics, the data is constantly updating. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people constantly needed to be informed and updated with statistics such as death rates, infection rates, and which regions the virus was more prominent in to give a few examples; these types of information are displayed perfectly using infographics. People like them because they make information easy to understand and process, and they are usually very visually appealing and informative. 

Top news sites


Apart from being a social platform, Twitter has also become a top news platform. Regardless of the topic, people run to Twitter to get informed about the latest news developments and find out what is happening worldwide. Twitter is such a great place to get news because the platform operates in real-time and is built around texting. Many news publishers use Twitter, and it is common for conversations about news to start and grow on Twitter. 


Twitter might be a text-based platform, but other forms of content do well on the app and videos that are very effective on the app. The reason videos do so well is because it is content that users like to engage with; in fact, videos are the most shared type of media and are 6x more likely to get a retweet than a tweet without a video. Video ads have recognized this opportunity and have capitalized by hopping onto this trend. Twitter has slowly started becoming more visual, and people on the app are starting to appreciate video content well because it is engaging. 

Trending topics 

You will always find something trending on Twitter. Strong communities of younger people, mainly millennials, use the app to enjoy these trending topics. Topics can be anything from celebrity gossip and something controversial that somebody said to the latest blockbuster movie and the Oscars red carpet fashion. Trending topics grow and can be tracked by hashtags used when people engage with a trending topic on Twitter. 

Twitter is a great platform, and it is very dynamic. There are many trends on the app that you should know about, including memes, educational visuals in infographics, top news sites, videos, and trending topics. 

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