Top Tips for Cutting the Cost of Christmas This Year

With Christmas quickly approaching, everybody is getting ready for Christmas shopping and many of us have already started buying gifts for our loved ones. Whilst Christmas is known for being the happiest time of the year and a day to spend time with those closest to us, it’s also notoriously expensive, and the cost of buying gifts, food, and even Christmas decorations can all quickly add up. If you’re hoping to avoid overspending or worse this Christmas, then read on for these top tips on keeping the cost down whilst still having plenty of fun.

Tip #1. Take Advantage of Deals:

Black Friday

When it comes to Christmas shopping, the good news is that big discount days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a month before the holiday season, so you can get your loved ones the gifts they’ve been longing for at the best prices of the year. If possible, it’s a good idea to get as much of your Christmas shopping as possible out of the way on these days, since you’re unlikely to find better deals at any other time! But, don’t forget that you can also find awesome deals in the run up to Christmas; online deals can be found at and many other sites – it just takes a bit of looking!

Tip #2. DIY:

Christmas decorations

Decorating your house for Christmas can really get you in the festive mood and is a fun family activity to enjoy. However, the cost of a Christmas tree, lights and decorations can soon add up and cut into your gift budget. This year, why not try going down the DIY route to help save money on the cost of festive décor? From making your own baubles to trying your hand at Christmas cards, there are many wonderful ideas that you can use to save money whilst enjoying a more unique and personalised festive season.

Tip #3. Use Your Vouchers:

Points cards

There are hundreds of great deals in the UK that you can use in the form of vouchers; whether it’s taking your family out for a festive meal or collecting vouchers to use for your Christmas grocery shop. If you’re signed up to any loyalty schemes such as the Tesco ClubCard or have a Nectar card, then don’t forget to check how many points you have available before setting out to shop for Christmas as you’ll be able to offset these against the price of your shopping. You can also sign up to several online voucher sites to save even more money.

Tip #4. Recycle:


Do you have any unwanted gifts left over from last year? If so, you could make the most of them by re-gifting them this year to somebody who may use them more (although it’s probably best to avoid giving them back to the person who gave them to you!). If you have items that are still in their box and you know that somebody else will enjoy using them, then why not?

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