Top 5 Streaming Sites That You Might Wanna Try Today

Streaming online has never been so famous. You can see your close friends and acquaintances doing some video streaming. The majority of people from grades school to senior citizen level are all watching videos and streams online. Here is the list of best-streaming sites you might want to check right now.


Top 5 Streaming Sites

An average person might not know anything about Twitch and its use. So, to start with, Twitch is a videogame streaming platform where millions of streamers interact with their viewers. This generation is fast growing to the future of technology, so as streaming online. Just most recently, Twitch is the most used streaming platform.

Here are also some of Twitch facts you might want to know, especially knowing how big it is right now. There are about 81.5% male Twitch streamers, and 55% are in-between age 18 to 34. Twitch also has nearly 15 million active users right now. They also have 2.2 to 3.2 million monthly broadcasters at present.

Even how high Twitch had gone, they still didn’t forget to provide and help those people in need. They raised over $30 million for charity only, this amount of money helped so many people and changed their life.

YouTube Gaming

Youtube Gaming

If you don’t know what Youtube is, maybe you’re not from this planet. But don’t worry, you will still learn what Youtube is after reading this topic. Youtube is an American made video sharing platform and started in 2005 by three persons, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

Besides Twitch, the other choice of most people is Youtube, especially when sharing and steaming online. Like Twitch, streamers in Youtube can gain an income which will depend on views and subscribers that you will earn. Streamers tend to create unique content for their videos to take their viewer’s attention and interest.

In Youtube Gaming, streamers interact with each other. Online Streamers often do different things on their live streaming like game tutorials, game reactions, and even live game performance. In the present, the most high-earned streamer in Youtube gaming and also in other streaming sites is Tyler Blevins, stage name Ninja.



Vimeo is One of the most used streaming platforms to date. It is not solely used for entertainment only. You can use also use it for sharing some essential video recordings. To compare it with other streaming sites, Vimeo is more alike to Youtube than Twitch because users are into sharing videos instead of doing some live streams. 

Vimeo also has multiple channels: gaming, lifestyle, travel, or even music. There are various things you can perform with Vimeo. To use Vimeo, users can start with a free recording video, and soon enough, it will move to paid recording videos. They can only record up to 500mb for free per week, and more than that needs money already.

Vimeo is one of the few platforms to stream and share videos to earn a good amount of money. Your income will depend on Google Adsense income. If you are serious about earning money here, you will receive it.



DailyMotion is more like Vimeo; they both work the same as sharing recorded videos and live streams. DailyMotion is ranked the second biggest platform in video sharing and streams, which is next to Youtube. It was created back in 2005 by a French website.

To use DailyMotion, you need to upload your videos and selecting which group of channels your video belongs. The video size that you can upload to DailyMotion is about 4gb and a maximum duration of not more than 60 minutes. The size and maximum duration limit are enormous, especially in a platform where most people will only have video clips.

In DailyMotion, you will enjoy over millions of high-quality video choices, and not just that, their system is updated daily. You will never be bored spending time watching movies or even video streams in DailyMotion.



Last but not least, Mixer. It is a video game centred streaming platform launched on January 5, 2016. The Mixer made to emphasize the interactivity, with downstream latency and a video sharing platform that allows their viewer and supporters to do things that will influence the stream.

A Mixer is a unique form of video stream platform because you are not limited to watching the stream, but you can also play with the streamer. This feature is exclusive for Mixer alone. Beam or Mixer streamers have the option to share with their viewers their controls so that their viewers can play with them.

The feature of sharing control to their viewers will make great fan satisfaction and provide streamer to fan unforgettable bonding. The best thing about the system of Mixer is its stream latency. They have zero-latency, which viewers will feel like they are playing beside the streamer.


If you are trying to know the best video platform to start with your video streaming career, these sites above are the perfect video stream platforms you will ever find. To know which one to choose, you need to test them personally to experience their features. Some have their advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to know that.

Top 5 streaming sites

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