Top 3 Expensive & Modern Baby Bassinet in 2021

As a parent, you want the very best for your child. The best clothes, the best shoes, the best toys, the best education; everything needs to be of the utmost quality.

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And when it comes to a bassinet, you don’t want to compromise on it either. A bassinet is a place where your newborn will be spending most of his or her time, and so it must be of supreme standard.

Like their soothing device, sleeping surface (mattress), and fabric that use to design.

So to help you to find the best, we created a list of the top 3 most expensive and modern baby bassinets that you can purchase for your much-adored little one. 

So let’s start!

1. Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet
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This newborn bassinet for baby may be the lowest priced one on this list but trusts me when I say that it gives good competition to the rest. It comes with a provision of three different modes that you can choose from according to your needs.

The first mode is the Bedside Sleeper. The bassinet glides over the bed, ensuring a sound sleep for your baby just by your side and not in a cot 8 feet away from you.

This Close To You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet from Chicco is highly adjustable. You can adjust the height of the bassinet to suit all your specific needs.

The second mode is called the Portable Bassinet. It comes with swivel wheels that you can use.

To move it from one room to another, from one corner to another one. Parents of newborns prefer to keep the bassinet their child sleeps in very close to the bed. And if you are such a parent, this bassinet is made for you.

During daytime use, you can glide it wherever you need, with a lot of ease. And once you are satisfied with the position of the bassinet, you can lock it in place. 

The third and last mode is the Extended Use Changer. You can Lower the bassinet sides, and it will convert it to a changing table which offers you both comfort and convenience.

It provides a room of up to 35 pounds, making it far more spacious than most bassinets.

The mattress is Waterproof & Quilted, and the fabric used is of the zip and wash kind. The side panels are made of mesh, allowing proper air ventilation for the child. The bassinet weighs 33 pounds, and assembling it is also very easy.

A dual-function handle-brake makes manoeuvring possible. The locking mechanism is full-proof and lets you sleep without fearing for the safety of your child.

One of the attractive features is the Electronic module which comes with six melodies, two vibration settings, and a nightlight.

2. Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet Modern

Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet Modern
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The Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet Modern is one of the most luxurious-looking bassinets. It comes with a smooth and soothing rocking mechanism for your newborn.

The rocking legs are made of a walnut frame that stays solid on the ground. The chrome stand holds the upholstered basket, which is where your child can lie down comfortably.

The fabric of the upholstery comes in three different variants- Performance Heathered (nordic Grey), Performance Microfiber (White), and Brushed Cotton-Linen (Beach). The basket can be removed from the stand and put on something else like a table or the bed, etc.

The basket is made of sustainable and great quality products in Canada. It also includes comfortable protective sides, covered with removable fabric that can be machine washed.

The mattress is also waterproof and hence makes the cleaning way more manageable. Mattress sheets are a hundred per cent cotton certified. Monte also claims that the foam used is safe and free from flame retardant chemicals.

The overall dimensions of the bassinet remain the same, but the height increases to 25 inches. The entire bassinet weighs 33 pounds. From the fabric to the stand, everything about this bassinet is durable. Spot cleaning is effortless, and hence the maintenance becomes more practical.

They provide premium delicate fabrics to free your newborn from any allergic reactions or skin rash.

With only a bit more attention to the upkeep of the product, you can provide your child with the best bassinet he or she needs.

So what is stopping you from this expensive newborn baby bassinet?

3. MICA Smart Fresh Bassinet

MICA Smart Fresh Bassinet
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This Smart Fresh Bassinet by Micuna is known for being extremely breathable. Not only that, but it is also available in various colours and finishes. You can opt for colours like beige, grey, and white.

When it comes to the finishes, you have a choice among white, natural and metallic. It is important to note that the paints used in the bassinet are entirely non-toxic.

The MICA Smart Fresh Bassinet is very easy to manoeuvre. The six casters provided to it make moving the bassinet way more accessible than expected. Also, all the wheels come with durable wheels to ensure the complete safety of your child.

All the MICUNA Smart Fresh Bassinet side is covered with white mesh that lowers the temperature in it and increases the breathability to reduce the risk of SIDS.

The base has a soft and comfy mattress padding. It has rounded corners to reduce the risk of injuries to the infant. The fabric used outside is a hundred per cent polyester, and the material used inside is a hundred per cent cotton. 

The expensive & fancy bassinet journey is not just ended here; if you want to explore more products, feel free to explore the list of the best luxury bassinet. Feel free to buy this expensive bassinet and give your baby the perfect sleeping space.


Your child is the most precious thing to ever happen to you. Protecting this special little bundle of joy is every parent’s desire. And the best way you can do so is by using these beautiful luxury bassinets.

A sound sleep is something that all new parents struggle for. Either it is the wailing of your newborn or the thoughts of their safety that keep you up all night.

But don’t worry, because once you purchase one of these bassinets, the comfort and security of the bassinet will forever solve the latter part of your problem.

Now it’s your turn; let me know how you like our best expensive and modern bassinet for newborn babies. Put your valuable comment in the comment section, and let me know if you have any queries.

Also, don’t forget to share the article because sharing is caring. 

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