Tomodachi Life is here to stay!

I always knew that being on the Nintendo Blogger Network panel would go down well with the Beans, I mean who wouldn’t WANT to play games for Nintendo? Curly, Little Bean and Beanie Boy each have their own Nintendo 2DS (we bought two of them and received one for being on the panel) and I think they each have a pretty healthy attitude to gaming. They don’t sit staring into their consoles from morning until night, we encourage them to play with other toys, to read books and to use their imagination but I think games like Tomadachi Life are great for encouraging their imagination too.

Tomodachi Life

We were given a download of Tomadachi Life and it has become the reason that Little Bean’s 2DS gets used more than anyone else’s because Curly will sneak off with it when she isn’t looking. So to bring you up to speed, Tomodachi means ‘friend’ in Japanese and that is what is at the very heart of this game. Tomodachi Life is a game starring you and everyone you know. You begin by creating your own Mii character (if you haven’t already done so – even Jelly Bean has his own Mii in our house and he doesn’t he play yet!) and one of each of your family and friends or just create a random person because you can then move them into your very own apartment block. The Mii characters might act just like their real life personas OR they might be totally crazy and do funny things. With Tomodachi Life, anything is possible.

Tomodachi Life

As a parent it’s amusing to watch the Beans playing the game as they create new Mii’s, taking photographs and giving them voices. Curly’s characters often seem to be in singing battles or marrying complete strangers. He is always giggling as he plays or showing Little Bean and Beanie Boy what they are getting up to in their ‘alternate life’. Curly has taught Little Bean how to play so now she has her own little world going. I’m thinking we might have to get another download for Curly so that LB can have her 2DS back and then they will be able to share the experience via StreetPass fun or the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service.

You need to check back in on your virtual world regularly as you are the one in control of their destiny, everyone needs you to make their dreams come true. Your Mii characters might ask you to play Minigames with them too, there’s so much to discover. Just like in real life, new friends will be made, people will fall out or even fall in love. New jobs, trips to the funfair or a concert – it all happens in Tomodachi Life and I have a feeling it’s here to stay in the Mummy Matters household!


DISCLAIMER: We were given a download code to review Tomodachi Life as part of our role on the Nintendo Blogger Network. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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