Tips on Hiring the Ideal Crew for Your NYC Moving Company

If your eyes have stopped on this article, you will probably need new employees for your moving company. Anyone owning a business in New York knows that the recruitment process isn’t always easy due to several factors; you might not attract enough qualified candidates, you or your staff might not pay sufficient attention to applicants before they enter the selection process, or the chemistry isn’t there (professionally speaking, of course). Recruitment gone bad can result in settling for an employee who isn’t really a good fit.

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Creating the ideal recruitment process for your NYC moving company takes some time and dedication, but most importantly and before even putting out the announcement, organizations should identify their needs regarding employee requirements.

There are many possible recruitment channels that you can explore to create a good selection of qualified candidates, but sometimes you may not know where to start from. Not to worry! This guide is designed to take you through all the recruitment process steps, why it’s important and how to improve it.

First Step: Know exactly what you’re looking for

Before you even start the recruitment process you need to ask yourself (and answer) a couple of important questions that will lead you on the road to finding that best team of movers:

  • What does the perfect crew look like for my moving company?
  • How many people do I need to grow my business?
  • And how many people can I afford to hire?
  • What qualifications am I looking for?
  • When do I need them to start?

These answers will determine what you’re looking for, giving you a clear plan for your recruitment process. If you’re a little lost on some of the details, take a look at an industry analysis, make a projection of your expected workload for the upcoming months, and of course, take a look at your finances. 

Second Step: Give structure to your employment process

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One of the most important things when hiring new workers is being consistent. They all need to go through the same interviewing process and be analysed based on the same criteria. This will ensure that all of your potential employees are equally qualified. Set out the criteria at the beginning of the process and stick to them.

Once you have gone through these steps and have achieved clarity regarding what your expectations are, it’s time to go out and find your new moving crew. There are multiple methods to which you can turn when you are trying to find new employees, such as:

Asking other employees for referrals

Endorsements from people you know and trust go a long way towards helping you attract good candidates. In most cases, people won’t put their jobs on the line for someone they don’t trust themselves.

Posting your announcement on a trusted site like Linekdin

These types of platforms have been specifically created to connect professionals from all domains, so if you are looking for experienced personnel with specific qualifications, you are sure to find some through this method.

Posting on social media can be surprisingly helpful

There are numerous groups for specific jobs on Facebook. With the amount that people spend nowadays scrolling through it, the chances are that a higher number will see your message of potential candidates and find some good CVs.

Feeling old school?

Posting an ad in a local paper can also generate results

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We indeed live in the era of digitisation and social media, but some people still like to read their morning newspapers and scroll through the job section. So if you want to increase your visibility, it’s worth taking a shot.

Craigslist, Indeed and local vacancy directories

Many people search for jobs on Craigslist, so you will definitely get a wide audience and probably a good number of candidacies.

Third Step: Narrow your choices and conduct interviews

Now, you have put the announcement out and have received quite a large number of responses. The first step now is going through the applications and tossing aside the ones that clearly don’t fit your criteria. The majority of the time, this could narrow it down to less than half the applicants.

The next step is starting to conduct phone interviews which will give you a better idea of how your potential new employees are really like. Finally, the last step is to schedule and conduct in-person interviews. This could also include some test which will help you take out of the race anyone who does not fit your requirements.

If you’re still unsure who you want to hire, check the references of your top options and contact previous employers for character references.

Fourth Step: Keep the window open

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If you have a limited number of open positions, you will naturally fill them with the best applicants. But that sometimes means that you will renounce some good candidates. Well, don’t lose that CV just yet! Things change, and you might need more workers in the future, and they may improve their CVs in the meantime.

So, keep the CVs of these candidates and create a database. The next time you’ll have a vacancy, you can contact them and speed up the process!

About the Author

Michaela Smith is the marketing director of Empire Movers, a trusted company in the NYC moving & storage services, member of the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). The knowledge is backed up by an experience of over 15 years on the market, helping clients navigate all sorts of needs and challenges when it comes to relocating.

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