Peter DeCaprio: Things No One Told You about Raising Kids That Will Make You Way More Relaxed

As a parent, there’s no such thing as too much information. Whether you’re looking for the best way to clean artificial turf or some new ideas on how to deal with those little piggies that just won’t stop picking at their toes, you can always use a few fresh insights … and a good laugh.

Lucky for us, we’ve done a bit of research and come up with some parenting advice from real moms and dads who have been-there-done-that – parents who understand what it means to be sleep-deprived, how hard it is to keep your kids from texting during dinner, and why your kids will try your patience every step of the way says Peter DeCaprio.

Raising Kids

In other words: Things they don’t tell you about raising kids.

We all know that parenting is exhausting work. But thanks to parents who have gone before us, we’ve got the hard-won knowledge of what to expect along with some tips and tricks for making life as a parent just a little bit easier (and funnier). Thanks, parents! You’re the best!

Click through to read some funny (but true!) parenting advices straight from real parents.

1. Kids are like pets

They need love and affection but sometimes they also poop on the floor.

2. Siblings will steal your thunder


Some things probably won’t change no matter how old your children get … like this was taken in 2012! I’m wearing sunglasses because it’s too bright…in the living room. Obviously, the kids were notified that I was wearing sunglasses to hide my tears.

3. You get what you got and you don’t throw a fit

I used to get so mad at this kid because he would not stop touching his face… But now we have finally realized the scarier monster in our house is actually me and my wife when we tell him “stop touching your face!”

4. Kids won’t hesitate to embarrass their parents

What better way for children to embarrass their parents than with inside jokes, especially if they’re about something embarrassing! This dad knows all too well… No one expects ‘knickers’ at age five! For those of you that do not know (but probably should) knickers are what we Australians call underpants!

5. Kids love sarcasm

I’m not sure whether my kid actually understood the joke… I was hoping for a laugh, but all I got was a scowl and a two-year-old pointing an accusatory finger at me for being “mean” to her brother.

6. Parents need to know their limits

I called it quits after about 8 hours of sleep over three days … that’s when you lose the ability to be rational or empathetic. You just want them all to go away! Of course, parenting doesn’t stop when your children become teenagers…this mom knows what she is talking about.

7. Job as a parent isn’t always glamorous

The most important thing is to always have a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at you! If this isn’t your biggest fan, then you’re doing it wrong. In all seriousness though, kids are little people in big people’s bodies and sometimes their personalities develop in the weirdest ways…like when they want to eat dirt or look like an old man. You can’t be mad about that!

8. Kids never grow out of certain things


Never thought I would see my child tear up like he gets whenever we watch Saving Private Ryan. It’s times like these where you feel guilty for not taking your kid to Disney on Ice when they were six years old … but also grateful because you’d only lose your mind if you were forced to watch Disney on Ice AGAIN.

9. Kids are resilient

I still think my daughter is hilarious, even her “potty dance” … but at 7 years old, now I’m pretty sure she’s just obsessed with poop! So what do you say? Are YOUR kids the stars of your show? Do they make you laugh so hard that you’d think they’re crazy…or are they crazy because it’s hereditary?!

Conclusion by Peter DeCaprio:

Although parenting is difficult, it can also be rewarding (and hilarious)… if you don’t lose your mind along the way.

Parenting is not easy, but there are ways to make it easier… Like with these real parents!

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