6 Sacrifices You Will Have To Make As A Parent

As a pregnant mum-to-be, there is nothing you won’t do to make sure your child is healthy and comfortable. When you find out you’re pregnant, it stops being about you and becomes about the little bundle of joy in your stomach. Sacrifices are necessary and you’re willing to make them for the sake of your son or daughter.

Of course, you will no matter what happens, yet some of them still take mums by surprise. “Oh, I have to do that? Nobody told me!” It’s better to know what they are beforehand to avoid the potential shock, which is why six of them are detailed for you below.

Grab a glass of wine because you might need a drink to calm your nerves!

Your Body

Sorry ladies, but this one is non-negotiable. The process of giving birth is pretty gory and it has lasting effects weeks, months and years after the fact. Yep, some women deal with soreness for a long time and all you can do is to wait for the body to recover fully.

The main thing mums-to-be fret over is the extra weight. Pregnancy means you’re going to put on a few pounds for the sake of the baby, especially when the cravings take hold. And, it’s tough to shed afterwards due to a combo of physical and mental challenges. Physically, your body holds onto fat for birth as well as for breastfeeding. Even if you prefer a bottle, it will cling to you in certain areas. Mentally, drops in oestrogen and progesterone lead to the baby blues and make it difficult to get out of bed, never mind going to the gym.

As long as you’re realistic, though, and don’t rely on fads, the pounds should come off over time.

Bad Habits

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Some things are unhealthy yet you are happy to take the risk because you enjoy it too much. Yes, it’s a reference to smoking. After a long day at work or a few drinks, there is nothing better than a cigarette for some mums; it’s a coping mechanism.

However, pregnant mothers need to quit as soon as possible so that the fumes don’t harm the child. Cigarettes are full of toxins, the kind that impairs and prevent a foetus’ growth. The good news is the art of quitting is more advanced than ever before thanks to e-cigs. With a pod-kit to hand, you can vape and get your hit without the harmful side-effects. Alcohol is another terrible habit, and all you can do is resist the urge to have a glass of rose at the weekend.

If you do like to blow off steam by going to the pub, try the alcohol-free substitutes. Although they don’t get you drunk, the fact you go to the bar and order a drink that looks alcoholic can have a placebo effect.

Your Career

Biology has a big say in your career. By giving birth, you have to put your job on hold to stay at home and take care of the baby. Even if you limit your maternity leave, you’ll still spend three to six months out of the office investing in your little one. And, it affects career progression.

Once you’re out of the loop, you lose the ability to problem-solve and troubleshoot issues. You used to be the go-to person for the boss, but now he’s found a new sharpshooter and he trusts that person implicitly, so you plateau. Plus, the political and social aspects of the workplace has altered and you’re no longer part of the in-crowd.

For those who don’t want to rely on their partner, there is the option of going back to work after you find suitable childcare. In some cases, it’s better to move and start fresh so that there isn’t the stigma of the last nine months holding you back.

Sex Life

Not like you feel up to it any time soon! Still, sex is a major part of a relationship, especially for new parents. With so much time invested in the baby, you can grow apart or feel as if you’re not as intimate on various levels. Your sex life is a fantastic way to reconnect, not to mention to relieve some stress too!

But, even when your body is ready, your brain might hold you back from jumping off the high board. It’s easy not to feel sexy because, well, you’ve pushed a baby out of your body and it doesn’t look the same anymore. As a result, lots of women sacrifice their sex lives when they give birth.

Where there is a will, there is a way, and the key is to listen to your partner and to take it slow. Their words should show you how sexy you are in their eyes.


Your sex life is back on track and you and your significant other are closer than ever, but you have more than one relationship. Your friendships are vital too, and they can suffer if you’re not proactive. Sure, childbirth is a tumultuous time and friends can be patient, but they won’t wait forever.

If you don’t make an effort, they’ll start to get annoyed and think you don’t care. Of course, they need to compromise as well, yet you can’t leave the responsibilities on their shoulders. When you get the chance, go out for a drink and have a night off from being a mum. Not only do you deserve it, but it’s vital that you switch off and enjoy yourself to relieve tension.

You can do things which include the baby, too. For example, go for lunch and a spot of shopping during the afternoon.

And the last sacrifice you will have to make? It’s your bank balance. Kids cost a fortune and there is no way to cut back because you want to give them everything. Thankfully, mums generally take solace in the fact that money comes and goes but the bond between you and your child is forever.

6 sacrifices you will have to make as a parent

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