Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow – Review Part 2

As I write this post it is 3am!!! Well I am a new Mummy to 9 day old Beanie Boy and he’s a hungry boy – thank goodness! I had totally forgotten just how tiring these night feeds are. The difference this time around to when I was doing Little Bean’s night feeds though is that she went straight into her own bedroom because we didn’t have room for a Moses basket in our bedroom. I would perform the night feeds in my glider chair and so was very comfortable. This time around, Beanie Boy is in a Moses basket in our bedroom thanks to our lovely new house being so much bigger. But the downside to this is that I’m carrying out the night feeds in bed. 
Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow – Review Part 2 1
The first night home from hospital I tried doing the night feeds laid down in bed with Beanie Boy laid next to me but I just kept falling asleep so I decided that I needed to sit up. That’s where my Theraline pillow came out to play again. I am now able to sit up in bed using my pillows and Theraline pillow. Thanks to its versatile nature I have been putting the Theraline into a “V” shape behind me and then bending one side of it around me and pulling it under my nursing arm to give me support in holding Beanie Boy.
I have also used it as a support for Beanie Boy when he’s been having awake time, he loves it as it obviously supports him well and makes him feel safe.
My Theraline has been an absolute god-send!! When I received it, I can honestly say that I didn’t expect I would use it as much as I have but it has never been away from my bed – apart from when I went into labour. I took it with me to hospital and used it in various different positions to support me throughout labour and birth. Then whilst staying in hospital I used it as (a) my pillow and (b) for nursing Beanie Boy.
If you haven’t checked these out yet I would highly recommend one, I guarantee you will not be disappointed! For more information please visit the website

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