Ollie Jasper Clancy Green 579Just 5 short days ago, my life changed forever – our son Beanie Boy finally came into the world to make our family complete.  It’s so hard to believe that this time last week, he wasn’t here; he was still just a wriggling bulge in my tummy.  Now he is lying peacefully sleeping in his Moses basket, and it feels like our family has never been any different.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their congratulatory messages on my site, Facebook and text messages.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am now and RELIEVED I am that my labour has been and gone.

Ollie 260910 032-1 As most of you already know, Beanie Boy came into our lives on Tuesday, 21st September 2010, at 11.41 am with a scream somewhat similar to a baby pig (him, not me – mine was much more of a growling bear!).  His first day in this world was spent mainly sleeping, and to be fair, so has his second, third, fourth and fifth!  Our boy loves his sleep – a boy after my own heart!  He eats, he sleeps, he screams whilst we change his nappy, he sleeps, and that is basically the run of his day.  Occasionally, we get to see his eyes as he tries to focus on our faces, but ultimately, he SLEEPS!  He seems to be a very content little boy and has definitely captured the heart of our family – in particular, our own little Mother Hen, Little Bean.  Every time she is near him, she can’t resist but cuddle him or kiss him and constantly pat his head or hand.  When visitors arrive, she is quick to call them over to see “her baby” and tell them “he’s cute”.  If he sneezes, she fetches him a tissue.  When he’s sick, she grabs a muslin to wipe his mouth.  If he cries, she pats him and asks, “What’s wrong?” before presenting him with a teddy bear – I think I have fallen in love with her all over again.  We knew that she was excited about a new baby coming, but I honestly couldn’t have envisaged her being as good as she was with him.  She is so gentle and loving, just how we hoped she would be – hopefully, it will stay this way forever.

Ollie 260910 022-1Curly, on the other hand, despite having an obvious love for his new baby brother, appears apprehensive around him – which isn’t how he was when Little Bean was born.  He definitely doesn’t like it when Beanie Boy starts crying, he’s out the room before you can say “tears”.  He gives him a kiss in the morning when he wakes up and before bed each night.  Every now and then, he will ask for a cuddle but quickly asks for Beanie Boy to be taken away again.  We don’t want to force the issue with him, so we offer him opportunities with Beanie Boy and then stand back to let him make his own decisions.  I think it must feel very strange for him, as he is an only child at his Mum’s house, yet when he comes here, he now has a sister and a brother to contend with.  We always do our best to make him feel at home and involved, but none of us can have an idea of what it must be like for him.

So, this is our family now – we are 5, and I think that feels like a pretty good number!!

10 thoughts on “Complete!”

  1. Congratulations lovely mama! Your family is gorgeous and I am proud to know you and have been able to hold Beanie and get those lovely cuddles. We’re so happy for you!
    🙂 Karin

  2. Wow sooooooooo cute! love the pictures, (especially love LB’s cheeky face on the piccie of her BB and Curly). Congratulations my lovely, it’s lovely that LB is a mother hen to him, hope that lasts for you and as for Curly, I’m sure he’s just adjusting to having another boy in the house. xxx

    • Thank you – Little Bean seems to have grown up so much over the last few days, and she is sooooo cheeky now! Don’t know who she gets that from 😉 xx

    • I actually know what you mean, each time I look at his face i’m tempted to have maybe just one more!! Can’t wait for your baby to arrive so I can brood over your pictures x

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