Flying solo . . . .

. . . . for the past three weeks I’ve been blissfully happy in my babymoon, lavishing all my time and attention on Beanie Boy and generally bonding with him. Hubby had week off with me, then my Mum had a week off to help and for the past week Hubby has been off again but as of tomorrow it will just be little old me and my babies!!! 
I’m – not so secretly – bricking it! In my heart I know that I will be fine, I’ve done the whole baby thing before but not with a toddler in tow. Little Bean is being fantastic and a great help with Beanie Boy but perhaps a little “too” helpful!! I’m actually more worried about the fact that as of tomorrow there will be no more “sleep ins” – I will have to be up and about to tend to Little Bean. I can already envisage me putting the kettle in the fridge where the milk should be and most likely putting my trousers on inside out due to lack of sleep!! Eeek, it could be an interesting day???
So far I have to say that I’m really lucky with Beanie Boy because he is only generally waking once in the night but on the downside he keeps not going to sleep until nearly 1am!!! We reach 10pm and he springs to life – I’ve decided that he is probably going to become a DJ or something like that as he appears to be somewhat of a night owl.
For the last couple of days he has also become a very sicky baby, not just a little bit of spit up, I’m talking full on projectile vomiting which isn’t fun. We are generally going through two outfits per feed thanks to being sick or exploding nappies so I know I will be busy catching up on laundry this week.
Wish me luck, it might take me a while to get back into the swing of blogging but I’m hoping to be able to share my journey with you as I head into life as a stay at home Mummy to two very little people!!

6 thoughts on “Flying solo . . . .”

  1. Despite what you may think and feel, you will be absolutely fine. Put the washer on, and take them for a walk – the park maybe as it could be a little bean treat xx

    • I did exactly as you suggested yesterday and we had a lovely day, unfortunately today didn’t go quite as well but they can’t all be great days!! xx

  2. You’re going to be fine, you’re a brilliant Mum and you’re going to have lots of fun. (and I’m sure LB is going to be a fab Mummy helper!) 🙂 xxxxx

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence, Little Bean is really testing the boundaries I have to say but I think it has a lot to do with naps as she doesn’t seem to know whether she wants to sleep or not – Mummy KNOWS she does need to sleep!!! xx

  3. I’m laughing because my little one is exactly the same! Sleeps (like a baby) all day then come 10/11pm she perks right up and is wide awake till 12.30 -1.30am. Luckily last night I could pass the time watching the Chilean miners’ rescue!!! But I was going a little cross-eyed by the time she finally gave up the ghost. 🙂

    • It’s a shame they can’t skype, they could keep each other company and leave us to sleep! Hope your little one gets into a better routine soon, if she does can you tell me how you did it!! 🙂

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