The one where Beanie Boy embarrassed me!

Beanie Boy-001 Up until now Beanie Boy hasn’t really caused me too much stress, on the whole he has been a pretty good boy although as he is hurtling towards his third birthday things are starting to change. When alone with him during a normal school week he is a source of entertainment, he is sweet, kind and really good company. I am now starting to see a slightly different side to Beanie Boy though, he is starting to test his boundaries a little and he is certainly beginning to be more vocal with his thoughts.

Last week whilst in the waiting room at the Surgery he made the usual comments that you would expect from children when someone walked past who looked ‘different’ to everyone else. It was embarrassing but I felt it was understandable for a child of his age. This week, he took my embarrassment to a whole new level . . .

Whilst on an afternoon out with the three tiddlers and my Mum we were browsing in a shop when Beanie Boy asked from the confines of his pushchair

“Mummy? What’s that smell?”

Personally I couldn’t smell anything so I didn’t think too much of it, this is a regular question for Beanie Boy to ask and it’s usually followed by

“It’s a stinky car!”

This was not one such occasion. I responded with

“I don’t know sweetheart, I can’t smell anything”

I continued pushing the pushchair along the aisle, there was only one man in front of us and a lady behind me at this point. Beanie Boy sat quietly for a few moments before declaring

Mummy, it’s that man there, he’s a bit stinky”

The man who was less than three feet in front of us turned to Beanie Boy and smiled as I tried to shrink into the clothing rails. I immediately told him that he shouldn’t say such things as that was rude and I told him he should apologise. He did straight away but thankfully to my relief the man took it in good spirit and said to Beanie Boy

“It’s ok mate, I guess I am a bit stinky”

What’s the most embarrassing thing your child has ever said to you or a stranger?

5 thoughts on “The one where Beanie Boy embarrassed me!”

  1. LOL Maybe that’s a good thing, if the man did smell best that someone tells him 🙂 Whenever I take my little boy to the loo in a public place he always decides it’s a great time to start asking about ‘tails’ and ‘foo-foos’ really loudly!

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