Household Checks for Aircon Problems Before They Gets Worse

It’s unthinkable not to have an air conditioner to take you through the scorching Aussie summers. They make your life comfortable. But just like all other appliances, air conditioners need maintenance, and they come with a life span.

Household Checks for Aircon Problems Before They Gets Worse

Here are five indicators that you have aircon problems that need repairing or replacing before a complete breakdown.

1. Your Aircon is Not Cooling

When your air conditioner stops cooling, that is the most common indication that it needs repairs or replacing. Depending on the type of climate where you live under normal circumstances and usage, a well-maintained air-conditioning unit can last up to ten years or sometimes more. If your air conditioner doesn’t cool as effectively as it would or is just struggling to cool your house down, then a professional inspection is in order.

2. Your Energy Bills are Higher than Usual

Your energy bills often tend to be higher during warmer and cooler months due to the usage of heating and cooling appliances. If you find your bills to be higher than usual, there is a strong chance that your air conditioning unit is not functioning as well as it is supposed to. There is a high possibility that your unit consumes more power than usual as it cannot function to its true potential.

3. It Gives Off Strange Emissions

A faulty filter or a dirty and poorly maintained air conditioner could be the reason why your unit could give off foul odours.

A noisy air conditioner could signify that the mechanism inside is clogged with dirt, or the fan isn’t working correctly, or the parts inside are rattling as they might have become loose.

For most air conditioners, water dripping from the unit outside your house may be normal. But water dripping from the unit inside your house could mean that your air conditioner needs a check-up.

4. The Temperature is Inconsistent


The job of your air conditioner is to ensure a consistent air temperature is felt throughout your room or house. If some spots are cooler than others and other parts don’t get any cooling, you may need a new air conditioner. Sometimes cold and warm spots in your house are clear indicators that your air conditioner is malfunctioning.

5. It Has Gone Through Repeated Repairs

It is always recommended to service your air conditioner after every warm season or at least yearly. These periodical services serve to check for blockages, perform general cleaning and suggest part replacements if needed.

But if you feel that you are getting your air conditioner repaired or serviced multiple times in a year, other than proving to be a costly affair, it shows that it’s time for your air conditioner to go.

It could prove to be far more economical in the long run to get it replaced than going ahead with those multiple repairs. Well-maintained and serviced appliances can also ensure that you save a lot on your energy bills.

Whether you have a ducted air conditioning system or a split AC unit, if your air conditioner shows any of the signs mentioned above, maybe it’s time you went out with the old and in with the new.

Household Checks for Aircon Problems Before They Gets Worse 1

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