The Gallery: Shoes

My heart sank when I saw this week’s theme for The Gallery, what was Tara thinking I HATE shoes! I’m not your average female, I don’t have palpitations when I walk into a shoe shop, I can recognise a pair of Christian Louboutins but that’s about it I’m afraid, they just do nothing for me. If I put on a court shoe I feel like I’m pretending to be the queen, give me a heal and I’ll break my ankle, no I’m happy with a pair of flip flops or boots and not much in between.


Then I remembered this photograph from my wedding day, I don’t think it takes much explaining – mine are the black ones! Nah, not really, they were Curly’s!! I’m a bit of a bargain hunter and was quite proud of myself to find these shoes for me and the bridesmaids all matching styles for less than £10 per pair in the sale. The bridesmaids shoes matched their dresses exactly and the heals weren’t too drastic that I had to worry about falling over and making a fool of myself on the big day! I did have a little mishap though and manage to split my toe open the day before the wedding and had to bind it up so that it didn’t bleed all over my shoes!

Funny thing though, I haven’t seen my wedding shoes since the day I got married?

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