The Gallery: Light

LightIt’s been a while since I took part in the Gallery. Not because I haven’t liked any of the themes, each week I have seen them and thought “oooh I’ve got just the one for that”. Then a week later I realise I forgot to do my entry.


This week I’m getting ready early and scheduling my post so that I don’t forget. I’ve no doubt I will still forget to add it to the linky but at least I’m partway there! If you want to see other people’s take on this week’s theme Light then head on over to Sticky Fingers or even post an entry yourself!

Roaming Free

So this week I chose to showcase this photograph which I took of Beanie Boy a few weeks ago. This was a family walk which I have already blogged about but I love this photograph so much I felt it deserved a post all of its very own. This was the first time that we decided to let Beanie Boy out of his pushchair and explore for himself. For a little fella, he’s actually pretty fast on his feet, unlike his sister was at this age who would stop and look at every single thing on the floor he wants to keep going to see what is around the next bend.


I love the way the sunshine filters through the trees and the shadows it casts on the path. I love the look of concentration on Beanie Boy’s face, he almost looks as if he is walking along a tightrope . . .

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