The Finest and Most Luxurious Hotels to Stay in Dubai

It isn’t an understatement to state that Dubai is spelt as a luxury in capital letters. As one of the most famous emirates in the UAE, this city is filled with glamorous destinations, flamboyantly towering luxury hotels, branded showrooms and the finest restaurants. Middle Eastern cuisine, known for its scrumptious delight, can be enjoyed while you are on top of the world’s tallest building. The glitz of the Burj Khalifa isn’t the only exciting feature worth visiting in Dubai. The promising opulence in lifestyle this city offers is now just a Wizz Air Dubai flight away!  

Listed below are some of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai awaiting to welcome you and make your stay the finest of all!

1. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah: Be pampered at Dubai’s signature of luxury and splendour

Luxurious Hotels to Stay in Dubai

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Forget yourself to this iconic sail-shaped structure facing the Arabian Gulf. As the only 7-star hotel, it hosts the world’s largest Swarovski crystal-studded ceiling with a grand vestibule of fountains and an aquarium. World-class cuisine, an amazing sea view, excellent service and a lot more can be enjoyed here.

2. Atlantis The Palm Dubai: Unparallel opulence has got its location here!


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Atlantis in Paradise Island has got its Dubai counterpart situated in the outer crescent on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. This hotel is not only one of Dubai’s luxurious stays but also an amazing Seafront in providing the wondrous excitement of swimming with sharks and seawater diving. The rooms feature state-of-the-art amenities that don’t bypass comfort.

3. Bulgari Resort Dubai: Splendour and comfort in all its modesty!

This Italian brand-owned hotel just speaks of amazing service with amusing facilities. The location is perfect for you to unwind and enjoy Italian pampering. The in-house restaurants, cafes and the Yacht Club restaurant will show you the roots of Italy in delicious measures. The rooms and services are impeccable.

4. Park Hyatt Dubai: Your ticket to an undiluted and engaging getaway!

The Dubai Creek or tidal outlet hosts this hotel that has numerous luxurious rooms, exquisite suits and a lot more activities for its guests. The spa treatment in this hotel is worth everything, along with the theatre kitchens, stunning golf course, and other creek port entertainments that are sure to uplift your stay. The finest of dining cuisines will be at our beck and call during your stay.

5. Jumeirah Al Qasr: Enjoy the perfect summer residence! 

This beachside resort has the best facilities studded in Jumeirah city. The venue entrance is breathtaking with palm grooves and nestling water bodies which are used by the abra sailing vessels. They transport the guests to the different separate restaurants and other activities. Their famous welcome garden hosts the golden horses’ sculpture in its breathtaking wonder.

6. Four Seasons Dubai At Jumeirah Beach: Seize the seaside and the Dubai downtown skyline!

This amazing hotel gives you an amazing balcony view of the Arabian Gulf in all its elegance. The hotel’s lobby, floor–to–ceiling windows that open into the stunning gardens and three pools to relax and forget the world. The Burj Khalifa skyline on the other side is equally enticing as well. 

7. Palazzo Versace Dubai: Affordable luxury with promising comfort now at your service!


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Another of Dubai Creek’s finest is the Palazzo Versace Dubai in all its glory. The classic Versace gold is spilt everywhere you go, and the highlight lies in its shimmering elegance too hard to miss. The hotel provides affordable rooms with luxury that are sunlit and authentic. The in-house dining and pool facilities are worth the visit.

8. Raffles The Palm Dubai: Promised fun at the best of beach resorts!

The beachfront in Dubai, inspired by contemporary Italian architecture, is a palace-inspired hotel with princely service and a royal welcome. The rooms are luxurious with handmade Italian décor. It also holds one of the most amazing and largest wellness centres for guests.

9. One and Only The Palm: When the beach resort with alluring pools calls, you answer!

Impeccable service, amazing waterfront experiences and a world-class dining welcome are yours to seize at the One and Only Palm Dubai. Quench your holiday thirst by enjoying the poolside lounges that are fringed with palm trees and quality service. Enjoy the spa and relaxing treatment in the courtyards as well.

10. Al Maha: Grandeur oasis in the Dubai desert


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The desert wildlife, soaring Hajar mountains and the Bedouins architecture are sure to swipe you away. Studded in the most iconic region around Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the hotel is known for its customised Bedouins tents that simply glow in the simplicity of the desert. A sure place to try is this hotel for its inbred culture. 

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