Every Parent Should Get BLS Certified: What it is and How to Seek This Life-Saving Training

As parents, we want to protect our children and loved ones from all harm, whether that is a skinned knee or a broken heart. However, emergencies can arise at any time, no matter how careful we are and how much we try to emphasize safety in our daily life. Preparing for the worst outcome allows us to feel peace of mind, knowing that we will be able to jump in and take action regardless of what the situation might be.

Understanding how the medical system works and having basic first aid knowledge is one of the best things that a parent can do to ensure that their child is happy, healthy, and safe. However, we should always be willing to go above and beyond when it comes to our children’s health, which is why every mom should consider getting BLS certification. What is this certification, why is it important, and how can you attain it? Let’s take a closer look at this advanced first aid training so you can recognize how essential a skill this is for parents everywhere.

BLS certification teaches you how to help in a variety of emergencies

Get BLS Certified

BLS stands for Basic Life Support, and it’s a course that helps you identify emergencies, understand the mechanics of what’s happening, and intervene to save a life. 

Typically, when people think of first aid, they consider bandaging a cut, putting someone in the recovery position, or performing CPR, but there’s much more to Basic Life Support than that. People can undergo any manner of emergencies throughout their lifespan, which can range from overdoses to hypoglycemic episodes, and each of these conditions requires different care. 

In a BLS certification course, you’ll learn about common emergencies and how to help. For example, you’ll get a better understanding of what different injuries are and how they require separate treatment based on their location on the body, as well as how to identify that someone is having a seizure and what you can do to assist. You’ll also learn how to perform CPR and the Heimlich manoeuvre, in addition to understanding how to perform two-person procedures for those who need advanced support. 

There’s much more that’s covered in these comprehensive courses; a look at protrainings.com shows the comprehensive curriculum that this online BLS certification provider includes in their training. 

Why you should consider getting BLS certified even if you’re not in healthcare

Some might believe that only doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals need to know Basic Life Support measures, but that’s not true – especially not for parents, who are their children’s greatest advocates and protectors. Emergencies can happen at any time, and fast intervention is the key to preventing catastrophic long-term damage for a victim, which is why it’s so important that you know BLS skills. Even a delay of a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death for your loved one, particularly for children and senior citizens.

You might think that living in a large city or the suburbs means that emergency services will always arrive in time, but that’s not always the case. Many people die per year before an ambulance can arrive, and that’s especially true for children, who have more fragile systems and may not be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong. It’s essential that you understand how to stabilize your child before they can get to a hospital, as this can prevent major complications.

You can receive BLS certification from the comfort of your own home

Get BLS Certified

Parents are busy: there’s so much to keep track of, from a child’s busy social calendar to bills and professional responsibilities. It can seem impossible to get the time to go to a BLS class in person, which is why there’s a better solution: taking online courses at your own pace through a trusted vendor like Pro Trainings. These affordable courses cover everything you need to know about BLS certification, but you can work through them at your leisure rather than needing to absorb all the information in one sitting. If you only have half an hour a day to devote to training, that’s okay! You can work through the material at any time and anywhere with on-demand videos and a comprehensive student manual.

Better yet, these classes are incredibly affordable, especially when you consider that you’re saving time and money by not having to commute anywhere to receive your training. BLS certification courses are around $65, and this includes all materials – no hidden fees or extra costs like extra books. You’ll get everything you need to learn these essential life-saving measures without ever stepping out of your home.

As a parent, you love your children and you’d sacrifice anything for them: sacrifice a bit of your time and receive your BLS certification at home and at your own pace. You never know what types of emergencies may happen, but you can prepare for them with training!

Every Parent Should Get BLS Certified: What it is and How to Seek This Life-Saving Training 1

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