The Best Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Are you a fan of some wooden aesthetic? Do you like stained wood and think it would perfectly match your aesthetic and go so well with everything in your house? Before diving into the wonderful world of woodworking, have you considered the precision and creativity that laser machines for engraving wood can offer? These innovative tools, available at AP Lazer, open up a whole new realm of possibilities for personalizing your projects. From intricate designs to custom engravings, these machines allow you to add a unique touch to your creations, elevating them from simple handmade items to bespoke pieces of art. Whether you’re looking to add detailed patterns to a coffee table or personalize a set of coasters, a wood engraving laser machine can be a game-changer for any beginner.


If you are on this page, chances are that you have already looked for projects and project ideas, but most of them seem too complicated with the equipment, the measurements and whatnot. Worry not! We will help you get started. Here is a list of some woodworking projects fit for beginners, and you can always find tutorials, guides and more ideas on


wood coasters

What can be easier than making little coasters out of wood lying around? Given the size of coasters, you can even make them with leftover wood from older projects or broken wooden items. It is one of the simplest projects to make, and there are no limits to your creativity – you can paint them, stick stones and gems on them, and do pretty much anything you want to make a custom set of coasters for your table.

Coffee Table

One exceptional way to elevate your woodworking projects, especially as a beginner, is by incorporating live edge box elder wood slabs like the ones you’ll find at These exquisite slabs add a unique touch of nature’s beauty to your creations. With their raw, organic edges preserved, these slabs infuse a rustic charm that complements various designs. From creating stunning tabletops and coffee tables to crafting eye-catching shelves or wall art, these live edge box elder wood slabs bring character and warmth to any project. The wood grain’s intricate patterns and rich colours become the focal point, ensuring that your woodworking venture stands out.

Wall Hanging

Do you like abstract, geometric, or wooden art on walls? You can make them yourself too! They can be as simple as you want or as intricate as you want, depending on your time and patience. If you find just the right kind and colour of wood that goes with your wall paint or wallpaper, anything you make with it will look good hanging up against it. That’s the best thing about wood!


wooden candleholder

You can reuse an old block of wood by drilling a few holes in it and turning it into a beautiful candle holder. It can give a rustic look to your wall, table, showcase, or anywhere you place it. You can add details to it according to your liking – little carvings, some metals, or stones, or you can keep it simple and classy to go with your aesthetic.

Wall Planter

If you are looking for projects a little less simple than the ones mentioned above, you can go ahead with making a wall planter. Grab some wooden planks, a drill, wood glue and a sander, and you are all set to make a planter of your own. This can go amazing with the little garden on your balcony or give you a start if that is something you are looking for. Buying one of these from a store can be difficult – you might not like the available designs, wood, or sizes. When you make one yourself, you have the liberty to choose everything, and that is the best part about DIY projects!


wood birdfeeder

Looking for a wooden bird feeder for your yard or garden, but all the available ones are either not the right size, design or just not worth the price they come in? Well, you can grab some wooden planks and make one yourself! Look up some designs, get an idea of what you want, and start grabbing the materials you will need – a saw, a drill, some glue, a rope, maybe some metal, some clamps, etc. You can experiment with different shapes, designs and sizes and make the cutest little bird feeder for your yard at the lowest cost.

Taking up new projects can seem daunting, but if you truly want to try it out, all you have to do is get started. In no time, you will see yourself making shelves, drawers, book holders and whatnot. The ideas mentioned above do not need a lot of work or heavy equipment and are perfect for beginners – and with a little care, you can make anything you want with a little effort and some patience. Woodworking may seem complicated because of the tools, proportions and measurements, but it does not have to be. You can just make your own little plans and designs – as simple as you want and get started on your little projects. Plus, if you are ever in need of guidance, tutorials or ideas, has got your back! And you should never forget the most important part – have fun!! All the best!

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