The Best Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

When it comes to an industrial or commercial setting, it is essential to have strong flooring that can withstand continuous traffic and pressure. Several industries prefer epoxy coating for their floors. There is a good reason why the epoxy floor coating is so popular.

Before getting into the reasons for its popularity, let us understand what epoxy floor coating is.

Epoxy floor coating – an overview

Epoxy is a unique material – a mix of polymer resins and hardeners. Several layers of epoxy are applied on top of one another to form an epoxy floor coating. When the thickness of the floor is more than two millimetres, it is called epoxy flooring. Otherwise, it is known as an epoxy floor coating. Its resinous feature sets it apart from the other regular paints. When the coating dries, it forms a stiff flooring those bonds with the substrate.

The Best Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

The advantages of epoxy flooring

Due to its unique features, the epoxy floor coating offers some significant advantages over other kinds of floors. Here are some of the benefits.

Shiny interiors

Once the floor is ready for use, it has a distinct glossy look that adds to the interiors’ brightness.

Suitable for manufacturing industries

Industries involve the movement of heavy equipment. When applied in the right manner, epoxy floor coating does not budge under any amount of pressure, which is why it is considered to be the best garage floor coating, too.

Low maintenance

The factory does not have to spend a lot of money or time on this flooring. It is easy to clean. The only thing to take care of is not to use citrus cleaners. These materials wipe the gloss from the surface.

Easy to apply

The Best Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Applying epoxy floor coating does not need any special tools. It can be used quickly. Thus, industries need not halt their operations when the flooring is being done.

Epoxy floors are available in a wide range of colours. One can even create patterns on epoxy to demarcate particular areas. According to the client’s requirement, the service provider chooses from among several types of epoxy floor. Given below is an overview of the different kinds of epoxy floors.

Epoxy flake floors

This mix of epoxy contains coloured flakes. The primary purpose is to add grooves to the bottom to avoid slipping. The fragments also add a beautiful multi-coloured look. There is a wide range of colours and sizes in which the flakes are available. This flooring is mainly used in sports locker rooms, clinics, hotel kitchens, and showrooms.

Quartz epoxy flooring

As the name suggests, the epoxy mixture contains stained quartz grains. It has slip-resistant properties. At the same time, it gives an aesthetic look to the floor. Quartz epoxy flooring is usually used in restrooms, lobbies, cafeterias, hospitals, and offices.

The Best Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating

Self-levelling floors

The primary purpose of self-levelling epoxy is to apply over concrete floors that may have suffered cracks or damages. Its shiny and seamless look makes it suitable for various commercial, industrial, and even residential spaces.

Mortar epoxy floors

Places that need flooring resistant to strong chemicals are advised to go with mortar epoxy floors. It consists of solid epoxies and quartz sand. Mortar epoxy floors can withstand a substantial amount of pressure too. They are best suited for warehouses, garages, and manufacturing units.

Anti-static epoxy floors

This kind of epoxy flooring collects static electricity and dissipates the discharge. It is primarily used in settings where there are flammable materials and static hazards. It finds use in chemical industries, pharmaceutical units, and healthcare facilities.

The bottom line

Epoxy flooring is one of the best options due to its durability, strength, wide variety of choices, and easy maintenance. Consult a flooring service to choose the best kind of epoxy flooring.

The Best Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating 1

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