That was unexpected . . .

If there’s one thing that I used to dream about in becoming a Mum, it was all the cuddles that I was hoping would come in abundance.  Thankfully, all of my children are very cuddly and like to snuggle up on the sofa with me and Daddy.  I love that closeness, the warmth that only a hug can bring.  But earlier this week, when Little Bean was giving her Daddy a big hug, she squeezed him really tight, and the following conversation took place . . .

My Beans

Daddy: Oooh, what a lovely big cuddle, thank you.

Little Bean: You’re welcome.

Daddy: Do you know what the best thing in the world is?

**Little Bean thinks for a few moments**

Little Bean: Mummy!!

**Cue me getting all teary and mushy before scooping Little Bean up for a big cuddle**

What have your children said to you lately that has melted your heart?

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