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That is probably what I will be shouting tomorrow morning as my golf ball whizzes at speed towards some poor unsuspecting person’s head! A good few years ago I signed myself up for a 20 week course in how to play Golf which was aimed specifically at women. I didn’t know anything about golf but I knew lots of people who did play and thought ‘why not?’. I quickly became hooked and bought my first set of golf clubs about 6 years ago.

Before Little Bean and Beanie Boy came along, Hubby and I would throw our golf bags in the boot and head straight to the golf course after work during the summer months and get a round in before darkness fell or we would head off early on a Saturday morning. It became a tradition to always have a round of golf on New Year’s day, what better way than to blow out the cobwebs of the past year and start a fresh for the year ahead.

I would never say that I was particularly good at golf, my swing isn’t too bad, I hit a fairly straight ball I’m just not very powerful so I just have to keep plopping the ball up the fairway. The one good thing about this of course is, I rarely lose a ball so it doesn’t cost me a fortune in golf balls. I have been known to throw the odd tantrum when things haven’t gone my way and perhaps once or twice my golf club has flown past Hubby’s ear or rear in a John McEnroe stylee (yes I do know he plays tennis not golf!).

When I became pregnant with Little Bean I had to give up golf because, well lets face it, the bump got in the way somewhat and I have only played once since she was born but tomorrow thanks to the genius that is Groupon I shall be heading off early in the morning for a round of golf with Hubby and I’m really looking forward to it. I know that I will come home with blisters because one golf shoe always rubs, I will probably fall asleep at 7pm because of all that fresh air and walking but I don’t care, I’m really looking forward to a child-free day with Hubby and seeing if I can remember how to swing my club!

Wish me luck . . .

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