Taking Care of your Homes, Pipes and All

Owning a home is exciting but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. If it was, everyone would own their own home, right? But nowadays, homeownership comes with many different things to think about and take care of. And what this means for you is that you have to be on your toes about keeping up with the maintenance on your home. 

Even though there are some things that are required for you to do, the good news is that it is always helpful in getting the job done. One of the biggest parts of owning your own home is making certain that you’re staying current with all the required maintenance and upkeep that you’re going to have to do. 

Taking care of your home plumbing pipes
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And when you stop and think about one of the biggest areas that most people need help with from outside professionals, plumbing is going to come to mind. This is because all those pipes hiding behind the walls have to lead somewhere…but where? This isn’t a “do it yourself” type situation, at all. Instead, it’s important to contact the local and professional plumber in your area and have them come to the rescue.

Taking Care of your Homes, Pipes and All

Plumbing varies in every single house. Some houses have multiple bathrooms and many levels to their home which means that there are literally plumbing and pipes that are located all over the home. Other houses may just have one central location and bathroom which can make a job a tad bit easier. But no matter what, a plumber needs to be called. And if you’re looking for a local plumber that can help you will all your plumbing needs, contact a Haynes Plumber in Stafford VA to tackle any and all situations that might come up. 

In case you’re wondering what Stafford Pumping can do for you and your home, here is a list of services and scenarios that they’re able and ready to assist with. 

Clogged drains

No one wants to think about their toilet or sink clogging up and overflowing, but guess what? It happens! This is where a plumber shines! They’re ready to come and deal with the clog and will have it all cleared out and running smoothly in no time at all. 

Toilet Repair

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It might be a mystery to you as to why your toilet is leaking but it’s actually a common occurrence. And more times than not, leaks aren’t even noticed until they’ve caused rotting and damage on the floor underneath.

If you notice that your toilet is leaking, you can pick up the phone and call Morris Jenkins or your local plumber to come and help you out asap. 

Back up Sump Pumps

Most basements have a sump pump to deal with a ton of water or leak issues, but what happens when that sump pump stops working? It can become a giant mess, fast. But if you have your handy dandy plumber on speed dial, you can get them your house fast to help get everything back on track. 

Sewer issues

Back up happens. And while none of us thinks that it will happen to us, sometimes we’re just not that lucky. When you start seeing or smelling the sewer, the time is urgent to get a plumber to your house as soon as you possibly can. This is one issue that literally can’t wait. 

Hot Water Heaters

No one likes taking cold showers. Taking care of your hot water heater means that you’ll need to keep up on the maintenance, which is where Portland Water Heater Repair can help keep you working. There are many parts to the water heater that you’ll have to be aware of, and your local plumber can help you understand how everything works. 

These are just a few of the plumbing issues and repairs that your trusted plumber can do. And if you’re on the fence about what you should look for in a trusted and professional plumber, here are some key features that they Haynes Plumbing Services excels in and shines at. 

Signs of a Great Plumbing Company

While there might be a lot of choices out there, not all are created equal. If you’re ready to find a truly great plumbing company, here are just a few traits that you need to look out for. 

They do great work

Take your time and do your research. Read the reviews online and talk to others that you might know that have used them. This isn’t a decision to take lightly so you should make certain that they’re going to work well with you and for what you need.

Fair Prices

You shouldn’t have to overpay for quality work. There also shouldn’t be any type of hidden fees, either that suddenly show up on your bill. When it comes to getting a quote, find a company that can give you a quote, and stick to it.

Awesome customer service

Communication is key. Since you’re getting help in your home, it’s important to find a plumbing company that will talk to you about what the plan is, what the issue is, and what the steps are that they’re going to take to fix it. 

You have a right to ask questions and to understand what is going to happen for a repair. If a giant hole has to be made in your home to get to the pipes, this is something that should be communicated to you first! 

Prompt and on-time

If you set up an appointment for 10 AM, it is reasonable to expect the technicians to be at your house at 10 AM or a little bit beforehand. It’s not okay to deal with a company that doesn’t show up on time, or not at all.

You’re setting aside a part of your day to meet with them so it should be expected that the appointments are on time and prompt. 

Knowledge and experience

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Being able to put your trust in a company that has experience is huge. And while there will always be newbies in the field that do a great job, there is something about working with a company that has years of experience and a ton of trusted customers and reviews. 

Excuses don’t exist

There will always be difficult situations that can arise in the plumbing world. But guess what? Where there are problems, there are solutions, too. This means that you need to find a plumbing company that finds a way to fix the issue rather than just put a bandaid on it or tries to make excuses to not have to deal with it. 

Questions to ask your plumber

Unless you’re used to talking to a plumber all the time, you might not even know what questions to ask them when it comes to setting up an appointment or dealing with a plumbing issue. 

Here are a few questions to ask the plumbing company before setting up an appointment for them to come to your home.

Ask their hourly rate

We all have budgets so knowing what it is going to cost you is key. Some might have a standard house call fee while others may charge an hourly rate. These are important details to know, even if they have to give you an estimate based upon your issue.

Ask if the work after hours

This isn’t a deal-breaker by any means but it’s good to know if they have technicians that work on the weekends or if they have emergency hours, too. Some plumbing companies have this and some don’t. 

Ask what the warranty on their work is

What happens if the plumbing company fixes something and that breaks? Are they going to hold themselves responsible and fix it or are they going to charge you again for that repair that shouldn’t have happened in the first place? Finding out if they have a warranty on their work and what it entails is important. 

Ask for references on their work

If you’re unable to read reviews online or talk to anyone who has used the plumbing company, ask for references from them and see if they have any that they can give you. This way you can talk to someone who has used them and see what they thought. 

No matter what plumbing company you decide to use, keep in mind that many times when plumbing issues are occurring, time is of the essence. This means that the longer that you wait, there’s a very strong chance that the plumbing issue is going to get worse. And what this means for you is that while you don’t want to rush this decision, you will need to put a little urgency on it so that you can get your plumbing issues fixed. 

The information listed in this post will help you be able to make an informed decision on the best plumbing company for you. All you have to do is do some of your own research and make the choice that works best for your needs and your budget. Once you do that, you can rest easy knowing that your plumbing issues are going to be fixed! 

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