5 Natural ways to boost your fertility for getting pregnant

5 natural ways to boost your fertility

by Dr Amin Gorgy, Fertility Consultant, The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy, www.fertility-academy.co.uk 1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself Although this is easier said than done, you must try to avoid high stress levels when trying to get pregnant. According to a study in the Journal of Human Reproduction, stress increases the risk of infertility, so … Read more

Will Baby Look Like Me? Common Questions: Egg Donation


Couples facing infertility have many, many questions to confront, chief among them being “Why me?” and “What next?” But when other treatments have failed, egg donation is an option that allows couples to ask, “Could this really help?” Here are five common infertility questions related to donor egg costs to become pregnant. Who needs egg … Read more