How To Navigate Fertility For The First Time

Approaching fertility for the first time in your life can be a mixture of excitement, wonder and a bit of anxiety thrown in. While we’d all like to hope that we get pregnant straight away and that the pregnancy is plain sailing, that’s not always the case.

There are some that have it easier than others, although easy might not be the best way to describe fertility or pregnancy in general!

With all this in mind, this post will share some important tips that will help when navigating fertility for the first time.

Get a health checkup

First and foremost, get that all-important health checkup. This is important because it’s useful to know what your body is doing and how well everything is performing. A basic MOT of the body is useful but it’s also worth getting a health checkup when it comes to your ovaries, your cervix, etc.

This is all good for identifying any problems that may be underlying or to this point, haven’t been discovered prior to your fertility journey. It’s good going into it, knowing everything there is to know about you and your body.

Start tracking your ovulation

Tracking your ovulation is something that might take a bit of practice. Thankfully though, we’ve got access to some great tools and apps that make tracking it a lot easier. You can also get your hands on some ovulation tests that pinpoint when you’re ovulating and when is the peak opportunity to try for a baby.

The better you get at tracking your ovulation, the more successful you’re likely to be as a result. It’s definitely worth doing this in the early days of planning your pregnancy. Not everyone just gets lucky and falls pregnant the first time. 

Get fit and healthy

In order to ensure your pregnancy goes well, make sure you’re staying fit and healthy. This is important because you want your body to be in peak condition for housing this little baby for nine months. 

That doesn’t mean you need to have abs of steel or be sacrificing everything in your diet to lose weight. It’s about maintaining a healthy balance of food and making sure you get as fit as you want to in order to help make carrying the baby easier.

Explore alternative routes

It’s worthwhile exploring alternative routes, even if you’ve currently not got any infertility problems that have been highlighted or discovered. It’s worth looking at treatments like in vitro fertilization or IVF, as it’s commonly known. There are also medicines, surgeries and, of course, adoption to consider.

Don’t lose hope and stay positive

As with anything in life, it’s important that you keep hope and stay positive throughout your journey. Every journey is different, so what might be one route for you, or maybe an entirely different route for another?

Navigating fertility is an adventure and one that you should be prepared for before diving into it. With that in mind, use these tips to help guide you through it for the first time.

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