A gift for lovers of Vintage Fashion . . .

Vintage Fashion

When it comes to choosing clothes for myself, I think I’m pretty dull. I tend to play it quite safe because for the majority of the time I am sitting at home tapping away on my laptop whilst JB sleeps, or rolling around on the floor with him or cleaning the house so I don’t … Read more

Spread a little Tree Fu Tom magic this Christmas . . .

Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom is still going strong in the Mummy Matters household so the arrival of Tom’s Big Spell went down a treat with the Beans. In Tom’s Big Spell Tom is going back to school, Spell School to be precise, with Treetog. A drop of Magic Motion Potion brings some familiar objects to life … Read more

What to buy for a Minecraft fan?


Has your home been invaded by Minecraft too? Ours started some time last year when Curly first discovered the game from one of his friends at school and he is still a HUGE fan of it now. During the Summer holidays he taught Little Bean and Beanie Boy how to play it too and now they … Read more

My top technology picks this Christmas


Tablets are so popular these days it can be difficult to know which one to go for. Obviously I can only speak from experience of the tablets I have used but that is no short list. I have been using an iPad since they were first released and as a family we still use the … Read more

Give Matchbox 60th Anniversary this Christmas . . .

Give Matchbox 60th Anniversary this Christmas . . . 2

. . . the gift that joins the generations! When it comes to toys, you’re either a car fan or you’re not. Curly was never a car fan and still isn’t interested today at 12 years old. He always preferred to play with figures or building bricks but Beanie Boy LOVES cars, he takes after … Read more