Why chihuahuas are the best dogs of them all 

When it comes to bringing a pet into the home, a dog is a popular choice for many. Dogs are loving, they’re loyal; they’ll make you laugh, they’ll always keep you company, and they’re also capable of improving family life and bringing joy to a household. There are plenty of dog breeds that people tend to go for, although chihuahuas are the best.

Why chihuahuas are the best dogs of them all  


While this particular view is entirely subjective, the popularity of chihuahuas is impossible to ignore. They’re in demand for a reason, too. People generally like this miniature dog breed. After all, they’re heavily featured in a variety of much-loved products, from classics like Ren & Stimpy to Busters Bones, a product that contains chihuahuas and other dog breeds. Additionally, celebrities own them, they’re cute and cuddly, and they clearly make great pets, given their undeniable popularity. If you’re yet to understand it, though, then let’s take a look at some key reasons why they’re the best dogs of them all for so many people around the world. 

You can take them anywhere 

While some beastly dogs are limited in terms of where they can go, a miniature chihuahua can accompany you wherever you are. They’re also perfect for travelling with, they can fit in apartment blocks and huge houses, and they won’t cause much of a fuss if you’re by their side. For many people, chihuahuas are seen as the ideal starter dog for that very reason. 

Chihuahuas have an ancient legacy

Another notable reason why people are adding chihuahuas to their families is due to the history that is attached to them. For many owners of this breed, chihuahuas aren’t the same as others due to their ancient legacy, with these miniature canines being adored since around 300 BC, while they’re also featured in various legends. Owning a chihuahua is, therefore, mightily appealing to people and enables them to feel like they’re owning a loving canine chum that has played its part in history. 

They aren’t too big or too small 

Chihuahuas are the perfect size, too. Smaller in size than most cats and not growing any taller than 9 inches, these fluffy baby-like canines are ideal for so many people. They aren’t too small or too big either, making them the perfect pet for people who don’t want a miniature or a huge pet walking around their home. 

You can even dress them up 

If you’re a fan of Instagram and TikTok, then you’ll be able to create some potentially viral posts with your loveable chihuahua. These mini dogs are perfect for dressing up, with thousands of photos being shared online of these stylish dogs. It isn’t all for show either, as some chihuahuas actually need clothes in the winter months to stop them from shivering and to help them keep warm. 

They’ll provide plenty of comical value 

Admittedly, this can be said of any dog breed, but chihuahuas are funny. In the case of chihuahuas, their unique look adds another layer of comical value to any funny moments they’re responsible for. Not only are they adorable, but a chihuahua living their best life and having fun is a funny thing to watch. They’re unique-looking dogs. 

Chihuahuas are extremely loyal 


Chihuahuas are very loyal dogs, too. Dogs are loyal in general, but a loving look from a chihuahua can’t be matched by another dog breed, particularly as they’re typically with an owner throughout most of the day. Yes, just like any dog breed, owning a chihuahua is a big responsibility, but they’re worth it, given the loyalty they provide. 

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