• Credit Cards

    Ease Stress with 5 Credit Card Management Tips

    Credit cards have several advantages- the biggest being that people can buy what they need now and pay later. Credit cards provide people with the liberty to buy what they want without the need of checking their bank balance. People from all nations use credit cards. However, if you are keen to use a credit […]

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  • Items You Should Definitely Buy With a Credit Card 2

    Items You Should Definitely Buy With a Credit Card

    There are many benefits to buying items with a credit card and with plenty of different credit cards with a range of features, you can benefit from almost every purchase you make. Just do your research and find out what credit card best suits your needs and you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time. […]

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  • Mummy Matters

    A little spend never hurts . . .

    I’ve had some great experiences since starting to write my blog, from getting a new hairdo to having amazing family holidays and lots in between. I think it’s so important for mums to be able to enjoy themselves, both with their children and alone. After all, mummys matter too! As much as I love spending […]

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  • The advantages of credit cards 6

    The advantages of credit cards

    It’s a well known fact that children don’t come cheap and if you wait until you can afford them, well you’ll never have any. When children do come along you need to manage your finances well and for many people they think this means NOT using a credit card because of the fear of getting […]

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  • Are you clever with your credit card? 8

    Are you clever with your credit card?

    Babies don’t come cheap do they? When we had Beanie Boy it wasn’t too bad as we still had the majority of our baby gear from Little Bean but after Beanie Boy had grown out of his baby gear we decided to re-home most of our baby stuff as it had passed it’s hey-day so […]

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