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Credit Card

Babies don’t come cheap do they? When we had Beanie Boy it wasn’t too bad as we still had the majority of our baby gear from Little Bean but after Beanie Boy had grown out of his baby gear we decided to re-home most of our baby stuff as it had passed it’s hey-day so this time around we have had to start with everything new again, a new cot, moses basket, bedding, baby nest etc and being a stay-at-home Mum has meant that we don’t have as much spare cash lying around to buy these essentials so before Jelly Bean comes along we have been looking at a credit card which will work for us to make the purchases a little easier to swallow.

When you utter the words ‘credit card’ to some people you can see them physically shrink away at the thought of using one but having a credit card doesn’t have to mean ‘debt’ does it? In fact, not having a credit card or any other form of borrowing means that you have a worse credit score than someone who does have a credit card, whether they use it or not.

Holiday The thing about credit cards is that you need to be savvy in how you use them, that smart chap off the TV taught me a lot about credit cards and how to make them work to your own advantage and now there are websites which can help you pick the credit card that will work the best for you. Did you know that some credit cards protect your purchases so should they become damaged or stolen you can claim the money back? What about cashback credit cards where you earn money for spending money? Some credit cards offer rewards such as air miles so you can start saving towards that next holiday you’ve been dreaming about.

Do you already have one of these type of credit cards and if so, what are your thoughts on them. Have you been thinking about getting a credit card but just don’t know where to start in finding the right card for you? Try Totally Money which is an informative comparison site designed to help you get started on finding your perfect credit card partner, you’ll be pleased that you did! And if you’re still not convinced why not read this article on what the BBC have to say about the new breed of credit card.

DISCLAIMER: This post was written on behalf of Totally Money. I was not instructed what to write, all words are my own and you may not copy them without my permission.

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