Growing business? Tips for moving your office out of the family home

Growing Business

At least to start with, running a growing business at home can be a lot of fun. After all, it would spare you need to fret about a time-draining and costly commute, while you can tailor your working hours to accommodate your other personal obligations, such as raising a family. However, as the firm grows, … Read more

How to Start a New Self-Employed Business

How to Start a New Self-Employed Business

Becoming self-employed is a bold move to make, I know because I have been there. More and more people are going down the self-employed route these days, so there’s clearly something in it! However, just like with anything else, it can also be a foolish move to make if you don’t know what you’re doing! … Read more

What Will Happen With Trademarks And IP After Brexit?

For the last 21 years, businesses from EU-member states were able to register a single trademark that was deemed valid by the EU Trademark Registration (EUTM) in all 26 countries (or 28 since 2014). Britain’s imminent withdrawal from the European Union, however, has thrown a seed of uncertainty among trademark owners across the region. Under … Read more

How to start a successful small business

Small business loan

Many people are planning on starting their own small businesses. Many mothers are looking for small business options so that they can support their partners. There are many small business options available that can help to earn a decent amount of profit. Starting a small business is very easy in the present age because you … Read more

The essential tools for becoming a mumtrepreneur


Becoming a mother represents a significant shift in the way you think of your time. Before, you were a career woman, an expert time manager, and a problem solver. Now, with the growing family that you have, you may be thinking of combining all of those qualities into one great opportunity — starting your own … Read more