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Women in business and their common characteristics

Have you ever given thought to how women in business make a stand and really make a mark? With the majority of companies and businesses being run by men, it’s time to put some focus on how women are taking the business world by storm. (and heads up, powerful businesswomen in the world are growing in numbers!)
Business Woman
How much do you really know about the current business world? Were you aware that four out of every 10 businesses are now owned by women? That is a drastically increased number than what you’d have found many years ago and this number is only going to go higher. And what this means for women who are in the business world is that there are more and more opportunities for women to start, and grow, their own business.

If the trend for women in business is still going to be growing, here are some characteristics that strong businesswomen need to have. (These aren’t all of them but these are just a few that need to on a priority list!)

Women in business and their common characteristics

Business Women
Women businesses generate over $1.7 trillion dollars that get pumped into the economy each and every year. While that number is astounding, there are certain characteristics that women tend to have that showcase just why they make excellent leaders in the business world.

  • Emotional Intelligence

The female businesswoman has a strong sense of emotions and how to deal with them. In the business world, there are a lot of emotions and decisions that come about. In order to be successful, understanding and dealing with emotions is key. Women in business understand this and know how to communicate and empathize with the emotions of those who are in their company. (Make certain to  check out this amazing TED Talk from Chrissy Weems that goes into the power of emotional connection)

  • Customer Service Oriented 

Women in Business
Any good business leader will tell you that they remain customer serviced focused all the time. And when you deal with women in business, this tends to be something on their minds all the time. It’s not that the customer is always right but it’s more in the fact it’s important to listen to what the customer has to say.

  • Adapt to change easily

The business world is changing all the time. If women are wanting to continue to prevail and climb to the top, it’s important to adapt to all things that change. Business leaders who find success know that just because something worked better once, doesn’t mean it’s always going to work that way for forever.
Being a woman in the business world is great, but it’s important to be able to continue to find ways to better and further their careers. And while there are almost 50% of businesses currently being owned by women in their world, there is always room for more growth. One simple way to find success is to remember the simple characteristics above. With a little bit of business-savvy and a combination of the three items above, women who are wanting to flourish in business will continue and be able to do so.

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