Split King Size vs King Size Bed: How To Choose

After a long tiring day at work, one wishes to have a rest on returning home. The best way to rest is sleeping on comfortable beds with the best mattresses. Sleeping on comfortable mattresses improves sleep quality and keeps the person free from body aches and joint pains. A good mattress improves the user’s body posture, giving a better and more confident appearance. The most common sign of an old mattress is its flattening and sagging. Flattened mattresses make the surface harder, causing a person to lie down straight on his or her back, which is not healthy for one’s spine. Old mattresses also become breeding places for bed bugs and dust causing skin allergies and irritation.

Importance of Good Sleep

A night of good sleep is a necessity for every working or non-working person. Sleeping improves memory and concentration, boosts up one’s immunity and heart rate, increases productivity and exercise performance. Better sleep equals a better mood. All of the parameters of one’s good sleep depend on one’s healthy lifestyle and the bedding and mattress. If one cannot sleep, he tends to be cranky and irritated due to lack of it. Uncomfortable mattress leads to physical as well as mental health disturbance. Therefore a person must have a quantitative and qualitative sleep.

The importance of sleep

Two of the most popular mattress sizes available in the market and have positive feedback are the King size and Split king-size mattresses. Both the mattresses are of the same dimensions, but there is some specific point of differences between the two. To understand those differences, let us have an analysis of the two.

King Size Mattress

Kingsize bed

A king-size mattress is the most common mattress used in almost every household. It fits well in a master bedroom or a room larger than 12×12 feet. This is the most convenient investment for couples who prefer sharing their beds with children or pets. A standard king-sized bed is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide which is the same dimension as two twin XL-sized mattresses placed side by side. Its price may vary depending on the quality and brand of the mattress.

Advantages of Using King-Sized Mattresses

  • King-sized mattresses are huge in an area that provides comfort and enough space to sleep with your partner or with children or pets.
  • It is an ideal investment for spacious bedrooms.
  • These mattresses are ideal for couples who face problems with their partner’s sleeping habits like snoring, sleep talking, or turning and tossing in sleep.

Disadvantages of Using a King-Sized Mattress

  • King-sized mattresses are not budget-friendly. Not only for the price of the mattress, but it carries the cost of bed covers, duvets, and comforters to fit the size of the bed.
  • Before buying a king-sized mattress or bed, one needs to remember that it will require more space than a normal mattress. It’s always better to measure the dimensions of the room and then proceed with buying the mattress.
  • King-size mattresses are heavier in weight compared to standard mattresses. It makes its portability and movement difficult. It has wider dimensions which often causes a problem in houses with a low ceiling.

Split King Mattress

Split king size bed

A split king mattress consists of two twin XL mattresses separate but with connected foundations. Joining the two twin XL mattresses makes the dimension the same as a king-sized mattress. It sometimes comes with a remote control to access the mattress and sometimes comes without accessing the mattress manually. Buyers can buy the mattress according to their comfort and convenience. Buyers can also use the remote control to adjust the height of the bed and mattress at their convenience.

Advantages of Using Split King Mattresses

  • Split king mattresses accommodate each partner’s sleep needs. It’s convenient for couples where one or both are active sleepers. They have their personal space to move around freely while having their partners next to them.
  • No motion transfer occurs between the two mattresses, which means one can sleep comfortably, turning and tossing around their mattress without disturbing their partner’s sleep.
  • Split king mattresses come with an adjustable base where you can control the height of the bed and adjust for doing leisure activities or working while resting comfortably on the bed.

Disadvantages of Using Split King Mattresses

  • These mattresses are expensive compared to normal king-size mattresses.
  • Assembling the bed and mattress is complicated and delicate.
  • The gap between the mattresses can cause discomfort to the couple sharing the bed.

How To Choose Between King-Sized and Split King-Sized Mattresses

It is tough to find the difference between a split king mattress and a king mattress, but one must analyze the specifications and needs while choosing the mattress. If you choose king-sized mattresses, then the room should at least be 14×19 feet to accommodate the bed and other furniture. While in a split king mattress, the same dimensions are needed if using both beds in the same room. But if used as two twin XL beds, these can easily fit in smaller rooms.

Both king-size and split king kind mattresses provide couples ample space for cuddling. The only difference is a split king mattress provides individual needs of a partner. King-sized and split king mattresses are ideal for master bedrooms.

Apart from the king and split king sizes, two more sizes can be considered, whether you are a single or a couple. They are the Full size and the Queen Size mattress. They also have the standard size and are also budgeting-friendly.

The full mattresses are best suited for single people, teenagers, or perhaps single parents sharing the bed with a young child. In comparison, the queen-sized mattresses are ideal for couples sleeping without children providing enough space for tall people. If your mind questions the full vs queen dimensions, they are 56 inches wide X 75 inches long and 60 inches wide X 80 inches long.


Buying a new mattress is not just a big purchase but also an investment into your long-term health. Mattresses are an essential part of your bed, and one must be cautious while investing in them. A good mattress must provide comfort and convenience to one’s sleeping pattern. With numerous mattresses available in the market, one can get confused while buying. You can go to online stores and read reviews on the product, find the convenient pricing, and it must fulfil your needs. It should be a match for the bed you are using. A good quality mattress must have a warranty of at least 8 to 10 years, depending on the brand and store. If you want a good sleep at night, you must invest in a mattress that comforts and fulfils your needs.

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