So Sand DIY So Sand Studio Review #ad

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So Sand DIY So Sand Studio is for sensory fun, enabling you to create over 30 unique sensory experiences for 100% complete ASMR satisfaction. The kit comes with everything you need to make your own magic sand from scratch.

What’s in the box?

So Sand DIY So Sand Studio Review #ad

Inside the kit you will find:

  • 10 unique tools and moulds
  • 3 x white sand ready for colouring
  • 3 x colour sachets
  • 3 x glitter sachets
  • Patterned playmat
  • Storage pot
  • Sensory Studio
  • Instruction sheet

Who is So Sand DIY for?

So Satisfying Magic Sand

The kit is designed for children aged 6 years and over, but realistically it is suitable for anyone who enjoys sensory play. The studio is aimed more at the arts and craft lovers, rather than preschoolers. Personally, I would have liked to see the kit in more unisex colours as the boys felt this was a bit ‘too pink’ for their liking even though they both enjoy playing with the sand.

What do you do with So Sand?

So Sand DIY So Sand Studio Review #ad 1

The silver foil pouches contain plain sand without colour; you can use the whole packet to mix with one colour or use small amounts of plain sand and different colour/glitter combinations to combine various colours and textures. The children really enjoyed the action of mixing their favourite colours.

They particularly liked to pull the sand apart really slowly and watch as it formed strings of sand and eventually collapsed. They said it looks like a bunch of snowflakes and I am inclined to agree.

How to use the tools

So Sand DIY So Sand Studio Review #ad

The tools can be used to mould, slice, crush and shape the sand. They all loved the sound when they sliced through the sand; it’s a kind of ‘shhhhh’ noise. The top of the Studio has a slot to place the circular cutters which lock into place so that you can slide them down through the sand. This was declared to be ‘awesome’ many times over!!

Mummy Matters thoughts

This is a great arts and craft set for children who love to play with sensory toys, it provided hours of fun for the children who enjoyed creating lots of different colours, textures and shapes. It’s like your own private colourful beach without having to worry about it getting stuck between your toes and in your sandwiches.

As with other sensory play, it tends to turn into a mixed mass of jumbled colours, and some of it will inevitably end up on the floor. Still, it has been brought out time and time again for fun on a rainy lockdown day, so we would definitely recommend it.

So Sand DIY So Sand Studio Review #ad 2

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  1. Moulds are perfect for kids to showcase their innovative and creative ideas. I really appreciate it and I have bought many such for my son

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