Skradin Yacht Charter Itinerary: Exploring Coastal Splendor In Luxury

Nothing beats the exhilarating experience of taking a cruise in Croatia. With its numerous islands, Croatia has one of the longest coastlines in Europe. The region boasts crystal clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and some of those amazing old towns you always see in James Bond movies.  

In fact, a tour of Europe would only be complete if you dedicate at least a week to visiting Croatia, and what better way to tour Croatia than in a luxurious yacht? 

Skradin Yacht Charter

So, if you are planning a trip to Croatia, we present you with the perfect itinerary that is bound to blow your mind away. But first, let’s talk about how to charter your yacht for the cruise! 

How To Charter A Yacht For Your Croatian Cruise 

Motor yachts are always the best way to sail the Croatian coastline. These yachts are always in high demand, so you must plan early to get the most luxury yacht bvi options. Chartering a yacht for a trip in Croatia is simpler than you would expect since all you have to do is hop on a dedicated Croatia Homepage, select your yacht, and book it for your days of choice. 

Sometimes, you might have to pay a deposit, so be sure to have your booking charges ready to reserve the best yachts. 

Places To Explore On The Croatian Coast 

Now that you know how to get a luxury yacht in Croatia, why don’t we discuss the fun places you must visit during your cruise? 

1. The Famous Dubrovnik Old Town 


Dubrovnik is at the top of the list of Croatia’s most famous places to visit. The town, located in the southernmost part of Croatia, is just adjacent to the Adriatic Sea, which has a deep blue hue and is terrific for cruises.  

Once you dock at Dubrovnik, visit the Dubrovnik Old Town. The town is famous worldwide for its 16th-century walls with a rich ancient history. So, if you enjoy walking in the old cities, don’t forget to put Dubrovnik on your itinerary. 

2. The Architecture At Pula 

Once you leave Dubrovnik, your natural next stop is bound to be Pula. The whole town of Pula is inspired by Roman architecture because of the long history shared between the ancient city of Rome and Croatia.  

Some famous places to go in Pula include the Roman Theater, located right at the city’s heart. So why would you go to Rome when you can go to Pula and avoid the crowds? 

Before returning to your yacht to explore the other intricacies of the Croatian coast, you might consider driving a little inland towards Vodnjan. Vodnjan is a small town located a few miles north of Pula with a very low population of about 6,000 people. Spending time at Vodnjan always comes with the thrill of walking in its winding streets as you gaze at the magnificent street art.  

If you decide to go to Vodnjan, ensure you book a hotel at Pula first since you might have difficulty finding accommodation in Vodnjan. 

3. The Fishing Port At Rovinj 

Fishing Port At Rovinj 

One of Croatia’s most famous photographs is the spectacular Rovinj skyline, with the bell tower creeping at the top. To experience the picturesque location in real life, you must sail to Rovinj at least once during your cruise. 

One of the best places to visit in Rovinj is the bell tower, a replica of the one at St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy. Rovinj is also known for its fishing port, and you know what comes with fishing ports? You guessed it! Fresh fish! 

4. Beach Beauty At Hvar 

Hvar is another beach town you must always visit in Croatia. Hvar has an amazing beach that borders a beautiful sea. If you don’t believe us, go to the top of some of the fortresses at Hvar and look down at the view yourself! Don’t fail to go to the restaurants and bars in the town to try out their wide selection of seafood.  

5. Natural Bliss At The Plitvice Lakes 

Plitvice Lakes

Going to Croatia and not visiting the Plitvice Lakes would be one of the worst mistakes you could ever make.  

Plitvice is one of the oldest parks in Croatia. But that’s not why UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site in 1979. Plitvice has 16 lakes, all joining each other with a series of waterfalls. Once you get to the park, you are bound to hear the roaring sound of the large and tiny waterfalls falling on each other.  

However, you might want to get to the park as early as possible since the walk is quite long if you want to enjoy the whole experience of the park. 

Final Thoughts 

Planning an itinerary for a cruise to Croatia is arguably one of the most challenging tasks anyone can ever undertake. You can only exhaust some of the places Croatia offers on a single cruise. But we have done our best to give you some of the best places you can visit on your next trip. So book your yacht today and enjoy the fantastic experience of Croatia!

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