All Remnant II Mutators Capable of Generating Various Bonuses

Remnant II provides its players with a wide variety of mutators to pick from, in addition to weapons, armour packages, relics, and much more. 

Mutators play a crucial role since they may be attached to weapons and generate a variety of advantages. Because there are so many of them, each with a unique set of traits, we have chosen to develop the following piece in which we list all the Remnant II mutators you could find during your journey.

All Mutators in Remnant II

All Remnant II Mutators Capable of Generating Various Bonuses 1
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You may give weapons extra effects with the help of the mutators, which can be quite helpful in battles—especially against the most challenging foes. Mutators may be obtained in one of two ways: by paying the Dwell trader in Ward 13 or by taking out foes and bosses. 

Here is an in-depth breakdown of all Remnant II mutations, broken down into ranged and melee mutators.

Ranged Mutators


Location: Drops from Yaesha’s twin boss, The Weald Stalker and The Gnarled Archer.

The impact: When this weapon hits, there is a 10% chance that used ammunition will be returned to the weapon’s magazine.


Location: Offered for sale by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust and x500 Scrap.

The impact: The subsequent hit is increased by 10% each stack by ranged hits—5 maximum stacks.  


Location: Dropped by the secret boss Atrophy in Endairas or from Rot Stalker and Atrophy in Endaira’s End. It was a more powerful Root Slasher. He is discovered in the secret library, concealed behind a pressure-plated wall.

The impact: Using the mod raises this weapon’s fire rate by 10% over 7 seconds.

Deadly Calm

Location: Offered for sale by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust and x500 Scrap.

The impact: Over a three-second period, Continuous Aiming raises Ranged Damage by a maximum of 10%.


Location: The miniboss Rot drops it in Yaesha’s The Coffin event, which may also be encountered in The Chimney or The Twisted Chantry.

The impact: 20% increase in this weapon’s magazine capacity.


Location: In the hidden room of Dormant N’Erudian Facility, where you may discover the Biome-Control Glyph, turn on the control panel to manually start the purge rather than kill all the enemies. To get it, kill the subsequent miniboss.

The impact: The mod that is attached does 10% more Mod Damage. 


Location: Offered for sale by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust and x500 Scrap.

The impact: Using the mod of this weapon yields 10% of the worth of a single charge as passive mod power throughout 10 seconds. Not stackable.

Ghost Shell

Location: After engaging with the Rotten Thaen Fruit, it may be acquired. The Rotten Thaen Fruit may be found by wearing the Red Doe’s Sigil against the backdrop of the Ravager and Red Doe’s Statue in The Widow’s Court.

The impact: After three straight Weakspot Hits, the severity of the following Weakspot Hit is increased by 20%.


Location: Offered for sale by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust and x500 Scrap.

The impact: 10% Mod Damage increase.


Location: Harvester’s Reach, Losomn. Barghest the Vile drops it.

The impact: For every opponent destroyed in between reloads, this weapon’s recharge rate is increased by 3%; 7s maximum, five stacks. 


Location: Mantagora drops it near Imperial Gardens.

The impact: This weapon’s critical hits boost critical chance and damage by 1.5% for three seconds; 10 maximum stacks.


Location: N’Erud, dropped at the Tower of the Unseen by E.D. Alpha.

The impact: This weapon’s shots come with a 20% chance of replenishing ammo that has been expended.  


Location: Offered for sale by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust and x500 Scrap.

The impact: When reloading, this weapon’s subsequent shot will do 10% more damage. It lasts 3s. 


Location: Appears from Bane in Twilight Vale near Root Earth.

The impact: 10% faster charge speed for fusion rifles and bows.


Location: Terminus Station in N’Erud. Communicate with the device in the hidden passageway to get the Constant Variable Ring. Do the same with The Tower of the Unseen, N’Erud, as another option. Or both. It drops down the sizable hole in the first main section, then descends farther until you reach a passageway. There will be a chamber with a sizable energy source at the other end of it. To battle the Restless Spirit, which releases the mutator, interact with it.

The impact: Using the mod causes all nearby foes to become SLOW for 3.5 seconds. 


Location: N’Erud. Dropped down by W.D. 109 at The Hatchery, The Void Vessel Facility, or The Putrid Domain.

The impact: For 20 seconds, picking up ammunition improves Ranged Damage by 10%.

Twisting Wounds

Location: Dropped by a Grime Crawler in Cotton’s Kiln or Butcher’s Quarter in Losomn.

The impact: This weapon’s Ranged Damage to enemies that are BLEEDING is increased by 10%.

Melee Mutators


Location: Offered for sale by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust and x500 Scrap.

The impact: When using a skill, amplifies melee effectiveness by 20% for 10 seconds.


Location: The Progeny miniboss dropped it in N’Erud, The Hatchery, Void Vessel Facility, or The Dark Conduit.

The impact: Melee attacks cause the subsequent Backdash Evade Attack to do 4% more damage; 5 maximum stacks. It lasts 7.5 seconds.


Location: Dropped during the Card Jester event from Firth: The Oathkeeper. Pick the devil when picking a card.

The impact: For each distinct Negative Status the victim is under, Melee Damage will increase by 5%.


Location: It was dropped by Wither in Yaesha and The Lament. Deal with the Consort’s Puzzle and plunder the coffins immediately after unlocking the door to find it.

The impact: Melee Critical Hits up to five times per hit enhance Melee Critical Chance and Critical Damage by 5% for 7.5 seconds.


Location: Yaesha’s Forgotten Field is where you may find it. Dropped from the Defiler during the level’s final boss battle.

The impact: Decreases all Charged Melee Attacks’ Stamina Cost by 25%.


Location: Offered for sale by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust and x500 Scrap.

The impact: When Grey Health is present, Melee Damage increases by 10%.

Shield Breaker

Location: Offered for sale by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust and x500 Scrap.

The impact: 2% of your maximum health is shielded against melee attacks. Max 20%. It lasts 10s.


Location: It is available during The Executioner Event in Losomn. It is dropped by The Executioner.

The impact: Loaded melee attacks receive a 10% decrease in damage from all sources and are impervious to interruption.


Location: Losomn’s Morrow Parish. The boss may be discovered in the shed outside the asylum courtyard. To let him out, players must open the door.

The impact: For 10 seconds, maximum 5 stacks, melee hits boost Melee Damage by 3%.


Location: N’Erud, dropped at the Void Vessel Facility by Fetid Corpse.

The impact: Melee hits result in a 5% increase in both firearms’ ammo reserves 10 seconds of cooling off.

Vampire Blade

Location: Dropped off by Fester at Endaira’s End.

The impact: When within 10 meters of a BLEEDING creature, boosts Melee Damage by 10%. 

Vengeful Strike

Location: The Labyrinth is where you may find it. In the Bastion Event, it is dropped by Bastion.

The impact: When max health is less than 50%, 20% more Melee Damage is dealt.


Location: Offered for sale by Dwell for x75 Relic Dust and x500 Scrap.

The impact: The following Charge Attacks are increased by 7% by Basic Melee Attacks; 5 maximum stacks.

Remnant II Dangerously “Threatens” Much More Famous and Older Games

The long-awaited FPS, Remnant II from Gunfire Games, took the top spot from CS: GO to become the best-selling game on Steam a few days before its official release on July 25th. Remnant II stayed on the “throne” for a very short time, however, because CS: GO soon climbed back to the top.

In mid-July, Remnant II climbed as many as 68 places on the Steam “Top Sellers” list. This is extremely impressive, considering the massive popularity of Counter, as well as the amount of money players spend on the game. Constant revenues have kept CS: GO at the very top for years. In 2022, Valve’s FPS received “Platinum status” as one of the best-selling games of that year. Despite being over 11 years on the gaming scene, CS: GO has been receiving a steady stream of new players both for playing and betting, making it to the top 5 most attractive video games for eSports wagering on the best European betting sites in 2023 here. We believe this trend will surely continue once CS2 is released. 

Remnant II also overtook another long-awaited game, Baldur’s Gate 3, which came out on August 4th. It has been four years since the first Remnant game, From the Ashes, was released to very positive reviews. The sequel gave us an equally good, if not better, experience. Upon its release on July 25, Remnant II became available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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