Simple Skincare Tips for Teens

Growing up, I was pretty lucky when it came to my skin as a teenager; I wasn’t an overly spotty teen and didn’t have to worry about oily skin or breakouts. This is something that I have always been very grateful for as I had friends who suffered terribly at school. Years later, when I met Simon, he told me how he suffered from acne as a teen and the pain that he went through with it. Thanks to his acne Simon had to take strong antibiotics, which resulted in him having Irritable Bowel Syndrome in adulthood. William thankfully has sailed through his teenage years without too much hassle regarding his skin, and I can only hope that as the Beans grow, they will take after me in the skin stakes.

Mother to Mother


Our parents are our primary teachers in life, and as a teenager myself, my Mum gave me lots of guidance on how to care for my skin. Now that I am the parent, I feel it is my duty to pass on the skincare tips for teens that I have learnt to my own children.

Dealing with Acne

Acne can be a harrowing condition and really affects confidence because of the visual appearance. It would be best to never scrub at spots or acne because it will only worsen by creating little cuts or tears in the skin, allowing infections. You should seek the help of medical professionals where possible but remember acne treatments are available online also. You can use gentle toners containing lactic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid or gentle exfoliation but only do this 2-3 times a week at a maximum.

Maintain a good cleansing routine

Skincare Tips for Teens
  • Wash your hands and then apply cleanser gently using your fingertips to stimulate the blood flow, oxygenating the skin and encouraging removal of toxins. Massage into the skin for 1 minute.
  • Repeat step 1 (yes really). You’ll never get rid of all the impurities with just one cleanse so if you going to do it at all, do it properly.
  • Use a soft flannel rinsed in hot water to gently wipe away the cleanser along with the impurities, rinse and repeat.
  • Apply eye cream gently along the upper and lower eye socket following the lines of the bones and using only the tips of your little finger to do so.
  • Finish with a moisturiser gently over the rest of your face and neck for the final pamper.
  • Do this morning and night.


Don’t squeeze or scrub blackheads!! As tempting as it may seem, this will only make matters worse and have the potential to leave you with scars on your face. The best way to say goodbye to blackheads is by following a good cleansing routine (see above).

Embrace Tea Tree Oil

I didn’t get away with spots altogether as a teen, but I found Tea Tree Oil was the best way to treat them when I did have them. By dabbing tea tree oil on spots with a cotton bud, the spot would clear up easily within a day and is still something I use today. It dries out the spot and gets rid of the white puss killing bacteria at the same time.

Drink lots of water


More and more people are embracing water these days, and that’s not because it’s some fad or because it’s cheap but because they are embracing the health benefits. I only ever used to drink squash, juice or tea/coffee, but in the last few years, I have begun to drink water as my main drink throughout the day and feel so much better for it. Drinking water helps flush out all the toxins, so if they are getting flushed out, they can’t sit under your skin and create spots!

Over time, your skin will change because of your changing hormones, diet, and lifestyle, but if you stick to the basics, you should be able to maintain clean, healthy skin that you are proud to show off. If you’re interested to learn more about cultivating healthier skincare habits, Skorbeauty has a variety of helpful tips and tricks in store for you.

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