Should You Always Involve Lawyers if You’ve Had an Accident?

We’ve all seen the adverts and promotions on TV and online; get yourself a lawyer to help you seek compensation for an accident. In fact, it can get so bad that you might even consider doing it for a light accident to see if you can make any money from it. It’s usually advertised in a way that really encourages you to take people to court so you can get some money from them.

While this is generally not recommended, we can see the appeal of it. We know that people can feel like they’ve been wronged, which often leads to debates about whether they should actually speak to a lawyer. But here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind before involving a legal professional.

When you should contact a lawyer

Should You Always Involve Lawyers if You’ve Had an Accident?
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First, let’s cover some of the situations where you will want to hire a lawyer due to an accident.

  • If you can prove the accident wasn’t your fault, then you can build a pretty good case. The concept of proving liability after an accident can be difficult to grasp. Still, if there are witnesses or indisputable proof, then you’ll find it much easier to win your case and get compensation for it.
  • If you’ve been injured and are unable to work or carry out your regular duties, then you could get a large chunk of compensation to help cover those costs.
  • It’s also important to contact a lawyer if the other party has threatened legal action. This can happen when the other people in an accident want to seek damages and other compensation for something they or someone else may have done. If you’re confident that you’re not in the wrong, then a lawyer can help protect you and advise you.

When you shouldn’t contact a lawyer

You should know that hiring a lawyer isn’t free. Getting legal advice can cost a lot of money, and representation will be costly, especially if you have a low chance of winning your case. So what are some examples of situations that you should really avoid getting in touch with a lawyer?

  • If you weren’t actually hurt due to the accident, we’d suggest staying away from a lawyer. Not all accidents cause injuries, and not all of them will be entitled to a lot of compensation money. If your injuries are really minor, then you probably don’t need to call a lawyer.
  • Other companies can help you recover from something like a car accident, especially if you’re not hurt. For example, an insurance company will likely cover the costs of repairs for your vehicle, so you don’t really need to involve a lawyer.
  • Lastly, if the accident was actually your fault, you should probably avoid getting in touch with a lawyer and consider contacting your insurance company instead. If the accident was your fault and you hired a lawyer, then you’re essentially paying high lawyer fees only to end up losing in the end.

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the value of lawyers and why you may or may not want to get in touch with one.

Should You Always Involve Lawyers if You’ve Had an Accident? 1

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