A dangerous weekend?

On the whole I wouldn’t say that I’m accident prone, when I was little I went to kick a hoola hoop I’d dropped on the ground in the back yard, missed the hoola hoop and kicked the raised drain cover and REALLY hurt my toe!  In my early twenties I went to kick a door open in a temper tantrum (yes I know – naughty me!) and sprained my ankle, a couple of years later I fell down some stairs and sprained the same ankle.  And last year just days before my birthday I fell down the bottle three stairs and very badly sprained my ankle.  But in 34 years I don’t think that’s too bad for self-inflicted injuries?

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This weekend, however, has not been great!  So far (its 8pm on Sunday night – still time for more) I haven’t actually done anything too serious but I have managed the following accidents around the home:

Friday afternoon – walked into door frame and bruised shoulder (I swear the frame jumped out at me!)

Friday afternoon – slipped on the ice outside and jarred my back (damn the English weather)

Friday night – stubbed little toe on right foot walking into the bedroom

Friday night – stubbed little toe on left foot walking out of the bedroom

Friday night – bruised right shin on floating shelf around our bed

Saturday morning – bruised right shin in the same place on the bed!

Saturday night – tried to walk through safety gate from kitchen to hall, it was locked and so he whole thing fell forward with me on top of it – injuries sustained – twisted/jarred right elbow & wrist, bruised fingers on left hand when they hit the door frame, bruised thighs when landed on top of gate, bumped head on wall then floor on my way down!

One hour later – walked into safety gate upstairs and nearly took knee cap off my right leg!!

Sunday morning – hit right elbow on corner of wall whilst getting dressed!

Sunday night – general bumps and bruises when fell over the xmas tree box – forgot I had just put it there!


3 thoughts on “A dangerous weekend?”

  1. you fell down the ‘bottle three stairs’……sorry i laughed, is that a Freudian slip?
    sorry to hear you had such a rough day though!

  2. Update – I fell over the flippin gate again today only this time with a bowl of hot noodles and a cup of tea in my hands! Managed to only spill a little bit of tea but hurt my foot in the process. Took the gate away in a fit of anger and turned around wedging my arm into the door handle – not a good day!

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