Practical Tips to Help You Save Your Teenager Money On Their First Car

Car ownership is an expensive undertaking, and young drivers often find themselves paying out a lot of money not only for their vehicle itself but also for the associated costs that go with it.

As such, many parents seek to help their teenagers and ensure that they enjoy the freedom of their wheels without having to pay through the nose. If you want to help your teenager to save money on their first car, then here are some of our top tips.

Compare Car Insurance Prices Before You Select A Vehicle

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Younger drivers will inevitably pay more for their car insurance. Still, in addition to their age, insurance providers will consider the make and model of the car they’re insuring when calculating premiums.

With that in mind, comparing car insurance prices for different makes and models makes sense before you even sign on the dotted line to buy a vehicle. Fortunately, this is very easy to do if you use a car insurance comparison site like this, which will allow you to compare quotes for different cars even if you don’t know their reg numbers.

Consider Sharing a Car With Them

If you find that you’ve got a family vehicle that doesn’t get used very much or a family member who doesn’t drive a lot, you could encourage your teenager to share their car with them to save on costs. This might not be as convenient as getting their car, but it will save them money on the vehicle and can also result in cheaper car insurance.

Shop For a Used Car

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New cars can be very expensive, so try to find a second-hand vehicle that’ll give your teenager the same exceptional quality at a reduced price. You must review the miles on the car and work hard to check the seller’s credentials before committing so that your child can enjoy using their used car for many years to come.

Put Them on Any Family Plans You May Have

Some payments, like breakdown cover, maintenance plans and even car insurance, can be spread across multiple family members, so review your plan and see if you can add your teenager to it to save you all money.

Review Cars in Lower Tax Bands

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In the UK, car tax is charged according to the number of emissions your vehicle emits, so try to find your child a car that’s in a lower tax band or even tax-free. These cars don’t emit as many emissions and are often more fuel-efficient. Selecting one of these vehicles will save them money and allow them to drive a car that won’t pollute the environment as much.

In all, you must take the time to research every aspect of your child’s new car so that you can help them to save money whilst still giving them the chance to own their car and travel wherever they want to, whenever they wish. Use these tips to help, and you should be able to get them the best deal on every aspect of their first car.

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