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Review: LOL Surprise #HairGoals #ad

Lillie has been a very lucky girl once again as she has been sent not one, but TWO L.O.L. Surprise #HairGoals to review. When I showed them to her she hadn’t even heard of them which was a shock to me as she is normally the first to tell me about every new development in the L.O.L. Surprise brand, she is such a big fan. We managed to get rid of Daddy and the boys for an afternoon so that she could unwrap all 15 surprises in each #HairGoals and capture it on video for you to see below.

What’s Inside?

L.O.L. Surprise #HairGoals

Once inside the first layer, Lillie uncovered the Magic Mirror which can be used with your camera phone to take photos of your dolls to create funky filters. Unfortunately, Lillie accidentally discarded hers with the wrappers by mistake so we couldn’t take any photographs to show you. Lesson learnt, ensure you keep your wrappers and accessories far apart! In this layer, she also found a set of makeover series stickers and the secret message.

Hairspray Can Container

L.O.L. Surprise #HairGoals

Inside the funky hairspray can container Lillie found the Collector’s Sheet to tell you who your doll is, which collection she is from and what other dolls there are to collect. She also found two ‘hair rollers’ which contained the accessory surprises; hair comb and drinks bottle. The doll is hidden in her surprise packaging and four blind bags containing a carry handle for the can and a footplate which enables the doll to stand firmly on the top of the can or inside the canister, the dolls shoes, outfit and a headband.

Two Hair Types

L.O.L. Surprise #HairGoals

The dolls come with two different hair types, you will either have a doll with brushable hair or waxed hair which cannot be brushed. As with other L.O.L. dolls, they can pee, cry or change colour. Some dolls which change in cold water, some will colour change in warm water so it’s worth trying the dolls in both and also note that not all parts of the doll will colour change. Some will only have parts of their clothing or accessories that change colour. When feeding the doll, for best results you should feed the doll twice with the water from the drinks bottle.

Hair Rollers

L.O.L. Surprise #HairGoals

The two rollers which are included in the set are only for play purposes so should not be used with heat and will not actually ‘set a curl’ but they are fun for girls to play with especially if they managed to collect quite a few to pop in their hair. Once playtime is over it’s nice that the dolls and their accessories can fit neatly into the hairspray cannister and be carried using the handle for playtime on the go. Lillie likes that the dolls can ‘see out’ instead of being shut away. It’s the little things that count when you are 10!!

L.O.L. Surprise #HairGoals are available at all major toy stores as well as online.

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