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How to train your Dragon (Wii)

I have been asked to provide a review on the newly released game How to Train Your Dragon (Wii format). The game follows the release of the Dreamworks film and comes courtesy of Activision.

We join the game on the first annual Thors’day Thursday Dragon Celebration Tournament. With the defeat of the Red Death, dragons and Vikings have teamed up to compete against each other in varying tournaments leading to one Viking being crowned the ultimate Dragon Master.


Hiccup is a young Viking who doesn’t quite “fit the mould” so he tries to fit in by capturing a dragon and training it ready for battle. Things don’t turn out as he expected because he and the dragon become friends and so then he is forced to show the tribe that dragons really aren’t bad afterall.

You can play the part of Hiccup or Astrid in Story Mode or you can try your hand at fierce battle action in Arcade Mode and fight, fly and fire your way to the top!!


In story mode, we chose to play the role of Hiccup where you find yourself in the local village on the Island of Berk. You go around the village collecting vegetables and other items or killing the chickens and sheep in order to feed your dragon. You can gather information from the locals and find your dragons den where you can then create your own dragon. Also on the Island of Berk you will find the docks, the training area, the challenges cave and the tournament arena.

You really get to go to town on your dragon and make it look as fierce as you like by customizing the horns, tail, wings, head and build. You can add markings, change the colour of its skin and scales. The further you progress through the game, more customizable options will be unlocked for you.


As with many games of this nature, you also unlock “mini-games” as you progress which all help to hone your skills on dragon training. Once you have mastered your dragon you are then ready to fight!!! This will unlock the tournament arena where you can pit your wits against other Vikings and their dragons in a bid to become the best of the best.

The graphics are amazing and the game is definitely one which draws you in. Curly played (quite ashamedly on our part) for two hours on Saturday and again on Sunday, with lots of “yeah I’ll stop in a minute” before we actually managed to turn the Wii off. When I asked him what he liked about it he commented that he loved the dragon fighting but he also loved getting to kill the chickens and sheep as “you don’t get to kill animals often in games”. Well he is only 8!!

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