Fisher Price Zoo Talkers

image Have you noticed yet? I’m a bit of a Fisher Price fan, always have been and I believe I always will be. They never fail to impress me with their great new toys which not only keep our children amused but they teach them and inspire new ways to play. I guess that’s all with thanks to their tried and tested play lab.

The latest Fisher Price toy to take a run for it’s money in our house is the Zoo Talkers playset from the Little People range. When the children place their animals in a special ‘dock’ on the playset a voice will tell them which animal it is and a further press will activate that animals distinctive sound. Zoo Talkers playset comes complete with Zookeeper Zak, a Polar Bear, Gorilla and Lion but there are many more figures that you can buy to add to the set.

There is a water slide which lands in a water pool already inhabited by a hungry Hippo, a tree swing for the adventurous monkey and a cave within the tree. Zookeeper Zak will announce when the animals are getting tired and ready for bed or when they need a feed. The Zoo Talkers playset is a great toy to teach your children about animals and is robust enough for even the smallest animal lovers. Beanie Boy is especially taken with the Zoo Talkers set and the Polar Bear which I think is down to the fact that he used to have a Polar Bear hanging above his head with the Precious Planet Mobile when he was a small baby. I love how all of the Fisher Price toys have continuity from one set to another, the familiarity is comforting to the children and they are there for them at each stage of their development.

image image As with the Stand ‘n’ Play Rampway there is a really cool carry handle integrated into the design of the playset which makes it easy to carry from room to room or to move when tidying away at the end of the day.


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