Recipe for Happiness

Happiness Naturally, one persons happiness could be another persons woe but for me the recipe for happiness is simple.


  • One Husband free from work for a day
  • One Curly back with his family for a couple of days
  • One Little Bean after a good night’s sleep
  • One Beanie Boy fresh from a nap
  • One Mummy fresh from a little lie-in
  • Oodles of sunshine
  • One large garden to play in
  • And one camera to record it all . . .


  • Start the day full of the joys of spring after a good night’s sleep.  Wake up to a cup of tea in bed from Hubby and three beautiful smiles from the most gorgeous children.
  • Enjoy a quiet breakfast whilst the children play together in the playroom WITHOUT arguing (there is a god!)


  • Jump for joy as Hubby suggests that he take Curly and Little Bean out for the morning so that Mummy can work whilst Beanie Boy has his nap.
  • HappinessHappinessMix the whole family together around the kitchen table for a spot of light lunch lovingly prepared by Hubby, add a few giggles and a bit of playful banter.
  • Have some post-lunch wind-down, Hubby to read his book, Mummy to tie up loose ends for work and receive some very interesting emails to put a smile on her face, children to play nicely together in the garden (again with no arguing – this must be a miracle!!).
  • Head out for the afternoon to local gardens with a bucket full of sunshine, marinate the children in sibling affection, take a few photos for evidence in years to come!! Hand out chocolate buttons for exceedingly good behaviour.
  • Add a little time for Mummy and Daddy to have a cuddle on a bench!!
  • Return home for family tea with Nanna fresh from work, add promises for more fun tomorrow, give big cuddles to everyone and then let Mummy’s heart melt ever-so-slightly watching Curly reading his Little Bean a bedtime story and tucking her up for the night . . .


et Voila – Happiness!

Recipe for happiness

This post was inspired by this post written by Northern Mummy with Southern Children – I hope you don’t mind!! I love her blog, it’s filled with lots of laughter, lots of love and real life, you should hop on over and take a look.

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