Trunki Travel Toybox

Little Bean has had a Trunki for over a year now and she uses it every week when she has sleepovers at Nanna’s and on her Nanny days. We have used it for holidays and she has used it simply for playtime, it has to be one of the best presents she was ever given. So much so, I have asked my Mum to buy Beanie Boy a Trunki for his birthday coming up soon. When the opportunity arose to review the Trunki Travel Toybox there were only two words my fingers would be typing ‘yes please’!!!

When it arrived and it was pink, Little Bean wasted no time in claiming it as hers and pushing it into the playroom to fill it up with toys. Moments later it came out of the playroom this time being pushed along by Beanie Boy! It is the perfect height for him at the moment and he has taken quite a shine to it.


A couple of weeks ago the Trunki Travel Toybox came on holiday with Mum, Little Bean, Beanie Boy and myself as a safe haven for . . . yes you guessed it, the children’s toys! It was the perfect size to carry just enough toys to keep them occupied whilst we were in the caravan and it sat nicely in the footwell in front of Little Bean so she could be sure no-one had forgotten it!! (Honestly, she has no faith in me sometimes!).

There are some really cool features about the Trunki which keep the children amused. We all know how children love boxes, I don’t know what it is about them but they just do. Big ones, small ones, cardboard ones, plastic ones the list goes on. But imagine a box that rocks, yeah I know, I’ve already said its cool but the Trunki Travel Toybox literally rocks! If you take the lid off and put it curved side down and sit the box on the top it rocks like a cradle. Little Bean decided this is exactly what it was and in the evenings it was transformed into a rocking travel cot for her baby doll – all together now, ahhhhh!

Trunki Travel Toybox

Turn the lid the other way up and it becomes a cart to make it even easier to tidy up. Clip the lid back on the top and turn it over, it becomes a ride on car, pull out the tab and you can link it to another Trunki Travel Toybox to give yourself a train. You can stack them on top of each other for easy storage and they are super lightweight so easy to carry with the carry handle on the lid.

Trunki Travel Toybox

Trunki Travel ToyboxOf course the only problem we have now is that Little Bean and Beanie Boy keeping fighting over whose turn it is to ride next!

Trunki have definitely got travel sorted for our little people, as with the Trunki the Toybox doubles up as a seat to keep your tiny travellers feet from getting tired with all that waiting around when booking in to your hotel or unloading the car.




For more information about the Trunki Travel Toybox or any of their other fabulous products click on the logo below – happy holidays!

Trunki Travel Toybox

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