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Interflora deliver more than flowers!

InterfloraOh I remember the days when romance was new and exciting, someone would walk through the door carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers wrapped in pretty cellophane with a great big bow on it. As they approached my desk my heart would beat out of my chest, were they really for me?

“Hi love, can you tell me where I can find [insert name of lucky lady]?”

No apparently they weren’t for me on those occasions but last week all of that was about to change as a knock at my front door was followed by “Delivery for . . .” yes me!!! Were they beautiful romantic flowers as a surprise from my gorgeous devoted Husband? Nope! Sorry to disappoint but actually the delivery was a gift from Interflora and as a change from flowers, I received a lovely pair of Bay Trees. My plan is to locate them either side of my front door once we get around to landscaping it but for now they are adding some colour to my patio. The trees are 60cm high and came boxed to avoid damage during transport. A Bay Tree, if cared for correctly, can live for 30 years and of course is more than just a tree, it can also add flavour to our meals. What a great alternative to flowers for a gift – long lasting, eye-catching and can be used in the kitchen too!

It’s a long time since I looked on the Interflora website and I was amazed by the choices available at a price to suit every pocket. If you wanted to order a next day flower delivery then look no further. Whether you are looking for flower delivery Nottingham, Newquay or anywhere else in the world, Interflora have got it covered!



Disclaimer: I was give a pair of Bay Trees by Interflora for the purpose this post. All words and images are my own and may not be copied without my express permission.

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