Reasons Why Hydroseeding is Becoming Increasingly Popular

There is a new revolution in the landscaping and construction industry known as hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is a special seeding process in which seeds, fertiliser, mulch, and soil are combined with water to form a slurry sprayed to the ground. This method has gained immense popularity over recent years, especially in the horticulture, construction and erosion control industries. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why hydroseeding is becoming increasingly popular. 

Hydroseeding Gives Greener Results

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The shortcomings of traditional hand-seeding methods resulted in uneven green patches all across the yard. Luckily, hydroseeding provides a quick solution to the problem. Subsequently, as hydroseeding gave life to a thick and lusciously green yard with even growth all across, hand-seeding started to take a back seat.

Moreover, another reason why the construction industry started giving preference to hydroseeding over other seeding methods was its super-fast growth results. The rate at which hydro-seeded lawns grew was much better than those with hand-seeded ones.

Hydroseeding Is Cost-Effective

When we made cost comparisons, it turned out that hydroseeding comes at just a fraction of the cost of sod. This is what gave it an upper hand in being an efficient, faster and more cost-effective seeding.

Moreover, with hydroseeding, labour costs also went down tremendously as this method was so self-sufficient compared to traditional seeding methods. Hydroseeding further eliminated the added step of applying mulch, fertilisers and other ingredients individually. Besides this, hydroseeding also skipped the hassle of removing an extra layer of hay or straw once the seeds germinated using traditional seeding techniques. 

Hydroseeding Helps against Drought


Getting Queensland hydroseeding by Erizon, as an example, is perfect for those who find it difficult to water their grass frequently. It is less demanding in this regard and also fulfils one wish to stay sustainable. Despite needing ample water during the germination stage, the growing stage barely demands any extra effort by the clients to water them.

This is made possible because the grass naturally adapts to survive in drought-like conditions. The grassroots penetrate deep into the soil and reach the water table to fulfil most of its water demand. Mulch also plays a role in retaining water by forming a protective coat on top of the soil and using a mulch calculator you can ensure that you only use the necessary amount without the risk of waste. All of this combined makes it possible for hydro-seeded grass to hold more water for its weight.

Hydroseeding Solves the Issue of Weed

Weed can be very damaging to gardening. It does not just ruin the soil quality but also makes it unfit for other grass to grow. It can very easily dominate other grass as it requires much fewer nutrients. The overgrowth of weeds will start to compete against the normal grass for sunlight and nutrients. This will even result in reduced biodiversity.

Hydro-seeded grass can help solve this problem of the overgrowth of weeds. For maximum benefits, it is best to do hydroseeding in summer or spring. Hydroseed mixtures do not contain any harmful weed seeds. Hence, it makes it very safe to opt for hydroseeding as a permanent solution to fight against weed. Moreover, this also explains the sudden surge in the number of hydroseeding service-providing companies like i seek plant.

Hydroseeding is Eco-friendly

One of the main reasons why hydroseeding is boosted as an environmentally friendly option is because it’s free of any harmful toxins. It is perfectly safe to have kids playing on this grass. It is a safe option for both humans and the environment.

In addition to being safe, it also yields results very quickly, so it’s perfect for quick fixes around roadways and construction sites. As it is safe to grow anywhere and everywhere, hydroseeding is the perfect start to make agriculture more sustainable.

Reasons Why Hydroseeding is Becoming Increasingly Popular 1

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