Real Estate in Dubai for Families with Kids

People who wish to move to Dubai, UAE, with their families often look for a property near a good school or kindergarten. There are some residential complexes in Dubai from which it will take you just a few minutes to walk with your kid to a school or just have a kindergarten within the area’s borders.

But what are the options for children’s education in Dubai?

If a child just lives a routine life in a cosmopolitan city and communicates with adults and peers, he/she gains invaluable communication experience that will help him or her in the future: the child will be able to easily find a common language with many different people and easily adapt to almost any environment.

Real Estate in Dubai for Families

Besides, there are numerous opportunities for children to discover their talents: you can try various activities, from golf or drawing to weaving traditional Iranian carpets. School education mainly aims to reveal the child’s potential and develop his or her personality. Of the many possible activities that a child likes as a hobby, it may become his or her job in the future, bringing income, joy, and pleasure.

If you invest in real estate in Dubai, your family will live in one of the most comfortable and safe cities in the world with a developed economy, excellent business opportunities, cutting-edge healthcare facilities, and prestigious high-level education.


Eastern and Western culture, traditions and innovation meet in this city. Therefore, there are many educational institutions for children with various programs. Teaching is most often conducted in English. In 30% of educational institutions, the British educational program is taken as the basis; there are French, Indian, German, Canadian, and Russian educational programs.

Nurseries & Kindergartens

Mostly preschool education is divided into two levels: nurseries (from 3-6 months till four years) and kindergartens (4 to 6 years). Kindergarten is a pre-school education where your kid will be taught the basics of reading, writing, and maths. Besides, a kindergarten is a place where kids are taught discipline, which will help them when they go to school.

Sometimes the two preschool education levels, nursery and kindergarten, are united in one educational institution. This means that a child will not have to change the premises and get used to a new lifestyle, which can be challenging for a little boy or girl.

The best Dubai kindergartens include:

  • Alphabet Street Nursery, from 14 months till six years, after which a kid goes to school. The main emphasis is on the development of creative potential.
  • Canadian Montessori Preschool Dubai. It accepts children from 1.5 years, and their graduation age is five. Teaching is performed in English.
  • Ambassador Kindergarten. It has a vast territory and offers numerous enrichment activities, including music, dancing, yoga, and sports.
  • British Orchard Nursery. One of the most popular nurseries in Dubai. Accepts children from 6 months. Kids graduate at the age of 4 years. The main focus is landed on educational games, creativity, sports exercises, etc. This nursery has a spacious area with its own artificial lake and a ballet hall.



In some schools, boys and girls study separately from each other. Learning Arabic is usually compulsory, and it is an added bonus: your child will speak and write in three languages ​​(Russian, English and Arabic) without any special courses or tutors, just by living in a specific language environment. If desired, the child can learn the basics of Islamic culture.

All schools in the city have agreements with one or more universities to automatically enrol students upon graduation.

In Dubai, school is not just learning a general school course; it is a comprehensive development of an individual. All teachers working in schools are highly qualified. An individual approach to the child is practised.

Schools are annually assessed by The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the state organization, based on the results of which a rating is formed.

Here are the top-listed schools in Dubai:

  • Repton School
  • Lycee Francais Georges Pompidou Oud Metha (LFIGP)
  • King’s School Dubai
  • King’s School Al Barsha
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS), Jumeirah
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS), Arabian Ranches
  • Jumeirah College


There are about 100 universities in the country, 3 of which are public, and 30 are branches of international universities, where teaching is performed mainly in English. In this case, a student should provide an IELTS or TOEFL certificate.

Foreign students study for a fee and on a full-time basis. Programs in universities are built according to the British model: here, you can get a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.

#1 University in Dubai is Zayed University. It has the highest rankings in several disciplines.

Other top-listed universities in Dubai are American University in Dubai, Canadian University of Dubai, The British University in Dubai, Amity University Dubai, and Alfalah University.


Dubai entertainment


There are numerous amusement and entertainment parks for kids in Dubai.

Aventura Park – Dubai’s largest zip-line park. Its motto is “fostering learning through play”. It offers numerous activities, including an adventure park, different challenges, a discovery play area, a nature trail, a chill zone, and a food court.

Air Maniax, voted “Best Kids Entertainment Center 2019” by TimeOut Dubai. It offers amazing sporting and recreational activities for kids and adults. They say that the most important priority is the safety and well-being of the guests.

Bounce Dubai is the biggest trampoline park in Dubai. This is freestyle jumping, all about expressing yourself through movement. They say that they aim to help children make a connection between fun and physical activity. This bounce park is located in Festival City Mall.


You can find nearly any sports classes for children in Dubai: yoga, water sports, including scuba diving, roller skating, football, basketball, golf, polo, equestrian sports, kayaking, windsurfing – just anything your kid can imagine.



Dolphin Bay – a chance to meet Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. This is a chance to build a life-long appreciation of marine life and encourage your kid to know more about nature.

PlayDXB in Dubai Mall – a high-tech indoor playground. This is the world’s biggest indoor virtual reality zone. It offers diverse entertainment with plenty of options for kids of all ages.

Wild Waid Waterpark in Jumeirah – unforgettable aquatic adventures with safety and fun.

Dubai Desert – unique experience when a kid will never forget the majesty of the wildlife desert.

Investment Property in Dubai for People with Children


Generally speaking, most top schools and kindergartens in Dubai are situated in the city’s centre. Most sought-after Dubai areas, such as the Jumeirah area or Marina Bay, have a wide choice of children’s educational institutions and entertainment. Famous residential communities, such as Jumeirah 1, Safa Park 2, and others, are highly appreciated for the possibility of having a few minutes’ walk to bring your kid to school.

Proximity to such key amenities as schools and kindergartens is an important reason for people with families to choose a villa or an apartment in a residential community featuring well-developed infrastructure and good transport availability.

Choosing a Property For Living with Kids

Please feel free to contact Ax Capital experts. They will gladly offer you the best investment options considering your needs and preferences. You can choose an apartment or a villa in a well-developed community up to your tastes.

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