Summer Garden Trends of 2022

Now that we are at the peak of British summer, I thought, what better time than now to discuss some summer trends for 2022? I have been researching and muddling together some must-haves if you want your garden to be the next best thing this summer.

Food glorious food

During the pandemic, many of us had to try and find hobbies a little bit closer to home; a particularly popular one was gardening. This has continued to grow as a trend since then with people planting a range of fruit, veg and flowers. My husband was one to jump on this, and I must admit those organic, home-grown potatoes do have a special taste compared to your shop-bought pack! Take a stroll in your local gardening centre to find the variation of seeds you can plant (courgette and beetroot are other personal faves of mine).

Modern shading structures

Summer Garden Trends

Next up, I discovered that many gardens are now being decorated with modern shading structures known as retractable pergolas. Now I must admit, I hadn’t heard of these before, but with insight from Designer Shade Solutions retractable pergola UK specialists, I found out so much more. Let me share with you what I have learned!

Essentially, a retractable roof pergola or pergola canopy, as it is sometimes known, is a pergola inbuilt with a roof that can retract, as explained by Rice Cakes and Raisins in a recent blog. I found that a great benefit of these structures is that they allow you to enjoy your garden rain or shine, so they seem like a great investment to maximise the use of your outdoor space! Sun traps are also growing in popularity for 2022, so perhaps a retractable pergola would be a perfect modern solution for this.

Chic furniture

Okay, so let’s talk furniture, my favourite! Rattan furniture seems to be in this year; it gives a rustic yet stylish feel to any garden and can be decorated with cushions and blankets for added comfort. Another trend I’ve seen crop up a lot is hammocks, either free-standing or hung to some tree trunks. I love this trend; I feel like they can really turn your garden into a sanctuary, creating somewhere to escape. After a long stressful day at work, nothing is better than relaxing in the hammock with a book and a glass of wine!

For extra relaxation and comfort, it turns out that Designer Shade Solutions has this covered. Healthy Vix explains how they can ‘customise your retractable pergola ‘with heating, lighting and glass side screens, which allows you to relax outside every season.

What will you be adding to your garden?

I think that rounds up the majority of the garden trends I have found for 2022, so what will you be adding to jazz up your garden? Are vegetable patches full of all your five a day? Perhaps you want a pergola to ‘offer the luxury of enjoying the outdoors while providing shade and protection from natural elements, as the Realtor suggests. Or, how about that luxury hammock for peaceful nights? There are loads of different elements to consider, and with a few simple steps, you’ll be giving others garden envy in no time.

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