Proud to collaborate with Lands’ End – official partners for Jeans for Genes Day

Lands’ End are the official Jeans for Genes Day 2017 partners and is busy fundraising through the sale of their jeans together with their new personalisation service throughout September. Lands’ End will donate £5 to Jeans for Genes Day from every pair of adult jeans sold, £2 from every child’s pair and £1 from every denim personalisation.

Lands' End Jeans for Genes

What is Jeans for Genes Day?

Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day is an annual fundraising event which supports children born with life-altering genetic disorders. The monies raised by the charity provide grants for day-to-day support, patient support services, nursing, equipment and events which bring together affected children and their families. I was surprised to learn that there are between 4,000 and 6,000 genetic disorders which affect more than half a million children in the UK.

Personalised denim for Mummy Matters

Lands' End Jeans for Genes

We have been sent a pair of jeans each which we have personalised with our choice of text and motif. For the Beans, we chose their names and a fun motif to represent each of them, Will has his name subtly woven at the top of his front pocket, and I am proudly displaying ‘Mummy Matters’ across my back, and Hubby decided to be anonymous.

Lands' End Jeans for Genes

We didn’t actually tell the Beans what to expect; they just knew they were all to receive a pair of jeans each,  When we opened our boxes this evening, there were squeals of delight as they spotted their motifs and names, apart from Albie, who was in floods of tears. I worried I must have chosen the wrong motif, and then he said, “mine hasn’t gone one!” Thankfully his tears turned to giggles when we turned the leg over, and he spotted his name and Emoji face, which he thought was hilarious.

Deep in Denim!

Lands' End Jeans for Genes

We are very much a ‘denim’ family; perhaps it’s because we spend so much time outdoors, or it’s just what we are all most comfortable in. Denim is so hard-wearing, versatile and flattering. Being a work-at-home Mum means that I spend a lot of time in jeans and tops, which is amusing considering as a child, I refused to wear jeans. I know, right?! These days you won’t find me in anything other than skinny jeans, but I love Lillie’s 5-pocket Girlfriend jeans, she wears them so well, and she loves all the motifs on them.

Boys being boys, I was over the moon to spot ‘Iron Knee‘ trousers which means they will stand the test of my rough and tumble boys as well as the elasticated waistbands which are so important for a good fit with children.

Hubby chose the slim-fit denim jeans and is very happy with the fit and feel of them; they look so good it’s as though they were custom-made for him. Will hasn’t seen his yet as he is now at his Mums, but they will be a great surprise for him when he next comes home.

So what will you be wearing on Jeans for Genes Day?


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