Protect your flooring for parties

The proudest moment for any homeowner is a slap-up party, where all their friends and family can come and admire their home and furnishings. However, the trouble with heavy foot traffic and large quantities of food and drinks is many accidents begin to present themselves. Let’s take a closer look at the potential hazard and the damage they could do to your home. You’ll need to protect your flooring.

Shoe prints


Inviting guests over for a get together usually results in heavy foot traffic working its way through your spectacular home. Guests will also make their way to your home in a variety of different travel styles. Some might walk, other may opt for cars, public transport or even bikes. This can be a problem if they are entering your home and their shoes have picked up dirt and grit along the way, which can muddy or scratch your floor.

The best solution is to enforce a “shoes in the hallway” rule to avoid bringing unwanted debris into your home. If you’re more relaxed about the after-party clean up, you can always put down heavy-duty doormats for when your guests enter your home.



As with any great party, things are bound to get a little bit rowdy and those who can, will be up and dancing. Though it’s a great sign your party is a hit, it can mean your valuable ornaments and parts of your house are at risk.

Take precautions before your guests arrive and move any breakable objects into a room where guests are not in close vicinity such as high-up shelves, cupboard’s or rooms which guests aren’t likely to enter such as your office or bedrooms.



Assuming there will be significant amounts of food and beverages available at your party, you should be aware before the day that things might get messy. Even the best party guests can be prone to accidents. Prepare for this outcome with dishcloths and surface cleaner. Spillages should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Choose a party-proof flooring


The best measure you can take to party-proof your home is to invest in flooring which has built-in protection. Amtico and Luvanto have scratch-guard and moisture resistant technology. Having flooring as fantastic as this is that even if accidents do occur, the clean up with be hassle-free and require inexpensive additional products.

Protect your flooring for parties

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