If your dog suffers from nerves and anxiety, then you might find that keeping it calm and happy can be really quite difficult, no matter how much time and effort you put into making sure that your dog feels safe and comfortable. You might have heard of KarmaPets.com and the calming dog treat products that they make as an option for keeping your worried pet calm and happy. But when you’re caring for a highly strung pet, you want to be sure that you’re only buying the best, safest, and most effective products available. Do KarmaPets products actually work? Are they safe to give to your dog?


Below, you’ll find an introduction to karmapets and their products, helping you to get a great sense of what these products are, how to use them, and how safe they are. We’ll break down all of their ingredients and why you might want to give these products a try. Read on below to find out more about karmapets and the science behind these great new dog hemp treats!

What is KarmaPets?


KarmaPets is a UK based, family-owned and operated, online business. They have been making calming dog treats from natural ingredients since 2015, driven by a desire to look after the health of dogs with problems in a healthy, natural way, improving the quality of life for pets without any questionable ingredients at all. 

Since 2015, KarmaPets has sold more than 7000 cartons of all natural calming dog treats to customers with scared and worried dogs, helping rescue dogs and those that are just anxious to live better lives. They have many returning customers, and have an impressively high rate of customer satisfaction to back up the quality of their products. This small UK company is one of the best in their chosen market, and provides a valuable service to anyone whose dog is having a difficult time with pain, anxiety, fear, hyperactivity, or other related problems. 

Why would you need calming dog treats?


Dogs experience anxiety just like humans do, which means that they can be very nervous in many different situations, particularly if they come from a rescue background. Again, just like with anxiety in humans, it’s not necessarily a problem in dangerous situations, but it can cause all sorts of problems in situations that are actually safe.

Anxious dogs often have problems with entirely safe and mundane situations, experiencing upset and stress reactions to everyday things like baths, cars, thunder, nail trimming, or many other perfectly ordinary things that they will encounter frequently in their ordinary daily life. If your dog experiences anxiety like this, then it might be worth trying to give your dog something to reduce suffering and calm anxiety during stressful times. These behaviours can be difficult to train out of your dog, and calming hemp treats can make life much easier for both you and your dog. 

KarmaPets products

Calm Pets

All KarmaPets products are made in Florida, meaning that USA shipping is quick, easy, and affordable, making sure that you can get them as quickly and easily as possible in order to simplify your life.

The calming treats on offer from KarmaPets are all-natural supplements that contain organic hemp oil, passionflower, and chamomile extract. Their formulation is entirely organic and vegan, with no artificial additives. These treats are fully petted safe for any size of a dog, and work effectively without causing any drowsiness in your pet. 

There are many other anxiety calming treats available for dogs, but a lot of these combat the stress response by functioning as a sedative, masking the worry by making your dog drowsy and sleepy. KarmaPets products do not cause drowsiness, focusing instead on balancing out your dog’s brain chemistry and directly combating the anxiety without causing unwanted side effects. 

KarmaPets treats are now available in a new peanut butter flavor that promises to be exceptionally appealing to dogs, and can be relied on to calm 99% of anxieties encountered by dogs. You don’t have to worry about sedating your dog, and can easily return your dog to its normal, calm, happy behavior by reducing its anxiety.


If your dog is nervous and easily stressed out, then calming hemp treats might be the best option for keeping your beloved pet happy and calm. KarmaPets treats are the most effective of these options, and can be relied on to avoid side effects. The company also offers a full 100% money-back guarantee for anyone who is not satisfied with the product, and free shipping on all orders of up to 3 units.


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